Understand how wildlife and humans interact around the planet and what we can do to give creatures of all kinds the space they deserve.
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wild animals that can guard your guarden
These Wild Animals Can Help Guard Your Garden
Aerial view Crude oil tanker
The Environmental Impact of Ocean Noise
Three-Toed Tree Sloth With Young
Why Are Sloths Sooo Slow?
Songbird Wren, Troglodytes Bird is relaxing at bench in November in Europa, Germany, Rhineland Palatinate, Wörrstadt. bird crashed into window, temporarily stunned.
Your House Is Killing Birds, Here's What to Do
Baltimore oriole on a branch with words "2.9 billion birds gone since 1970" above
8 Simple Ways to Help the Birds
flower nests crafted by bees
These Special Bees Craft Nests From Flower Petals
Endangered Amazon River Dolphins Threatened by Proposed Dams and Dredging
A greater honeyguide feeding on beeswax in Niassa Special Reserve Mozambique
Are Birds and Honey Badgers Teaming Up to Steal From the Bees?
A cat curled up in a blanket with a tiny teddy bear
These Photos Will Change the Way You Think About Rats
Costa's hummingbird
Hummingbirds Are Sipping Booze All Day
Turtle crossing a paved road
What to Do if You See a Turtle on the Road
oval squid with prominent eye tapering off into many long tentacles in black marine environment
16 Ocean Creatures That Live in Total Darkness
Blue-tongued lizard
8 Animals With Blue Tongues
Blue whale swimming with a calf
11 Facts About Blue Whales, the Largest Animals Ever on Earth
Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) standing with its child
Nature's 10 Best Animal Dads
Beaver Dam
Beaver Dams Can Last Centuries, 1868 Map Shows
A swimming sloth
Panama's Swimming Pygmy Sloths Take to the Sea
The Beautiful and Ingenious World of Bird Nests
Termite mound in Waterberg, Namibia / detail of the egress complex
Termites Outsmart Humans When it Comes to HVAC Systems
color images of deep sea creatues
Over 5,000 New Deep-Sea Species Found in Future Mining Hotspot
Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae)
Eradication of Small Mammals Is Harming Vital Ecosystems
Frogs Singing in Malaysian Swamp at Dusk Judged to Be 'Most Beautiful Sound in the World'
Baby Elephant and His Doting Collective of Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts
A coral reef teeming with fish
Coastal Lights Are Tricking Coral Reefs and Harming Their Recovery
Spotted Hyenas Are Smart, Social, and Ruled by Females
Cigarette butts overflowing outdoor ashtray
It's Time to Ban Cigarette Filters
wildlife of asian elephants herd in the wild
Elephants Have Lost Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Habitat Across Asia
Bird flying toward window on sunny day
How to Help a Bird That Has Struck a Window
Best Bee Supply Companies
Best Bee Supply Companies
Tiny Treehopper Is One of the Mightiest Mothers
Beautiful Portrait of Two Cedar Waxwing Feeding on Berries in Pennsylvania
What's Going on With the Wildlife in Your Garden?
Plants and small barnacles growing on a piece of plastic
Unexpected Species Are Colonizing Rafts of Plastic Debris in the High Seas
European robin perched on a branch singing
9 Birds That Sing at Night
Darwin Fox
Darwin's Fox: Rare Photo Reveals of One of the Most Elusive Creatures on Earth
Freshwater turtle basking at night
Turtles Around the World Are Basking in Moonlight
A wild sand cat kitten
Morocco’s Tiny Sand Cats Reveal Behavior Never Before Seen in Wild Cats
Fantastic Arctic Foxes Defy the Odds in Iceland
A bright green with yellow edges and yellow around its eyes, the spicebush swallowtail caterpillar on a leaf looks very snake-like.
8 Spectacular Caterpillars That Look Like Snakes
South polar skua, Stercorarius maccormicki, resting in the snow
Entire Populations of Antarctic Birds Failed to Breed Last Year Because of Extreme Snowstorms
closeup of spider foot
The Odd, Adorable Mystery of Hairy Spider Feet
Meet the World’s Only Completely Freshwater Seal
A cougar swimming in the water
Swimming Cougars Take to the Sea, Astonishing Researchers in the Pacific Northwest
Cheetah standing on a dead branch using it as a advantage point
Cheetahs Can't Roar, They Meow Instead
Prothonotary Warbler Perched on Branch
Get Outside for the Great Backyard Bird Count
Indian Pangolin or Anteater (Manis crassicaudata) one of the most traffic wildlife species
Operation Pangolin: New Initiative Launched to Save World’s Most Trafficked Wild Mammal
The Incredible Secret Lives of Sea Lilies and Feather Stars
A large, colorful frog holds on to a branch
Trippy New Stream Frog Named After J.R.R. Tolkien
A cockatoo using the first of two tools to reach a cashew.
Cockatoos Use and Transport Toolsets, a Behavior Thought Exclusive to Humans and Chimps
An adorable tiny mouse eating some seeds
9-Year-Old Pocket Mouse Named 'Oldest Living Mouse in Human Care'
Photographer Waited in a River Nightly for 4 Years to Get This Singular Shot of a Beaver
Closeup of one single tufted titmouse titmice bird sitting perched on tree branch during heavy winter snow colorful in Virginia with flower buds
How to Take Care of Backyard Birds in the Winter
The heart-shaped light of a firefly in close-up
These Fireflies Flirt With Heart-Shaped Lanterns
groundhog surrounded by dry leaves and small plants
Secrets of the Groundhog Revealed
Photograph of honey bees in a hive
Here is What’s Happening to US Honey Bees
A crow on a rock
Crows Have a Human-Like Grammar Skill, Scientists Find
sand dollars at the bottom of the ocean
Sea Urchins Keep Surviving as Marine Life Deteriorates in the Florida Keys
African Elephants
12 Animals With the Longest Gestation Period
Ochre Sea Star (Pisaster ochraceus) on Green Algae
9 Fascinating Facts About Starfish
Great Bustard (Otis tarda)
World’s Heaviest Birds Might Be Self-Medicating

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