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Explore key issues and ideas in urban design and planning, including bike infrastructure, Vision Zero, walkability, density, and more.
Best Urban Farming Certifications
Best Urban Farming Certifications
388 Barkly Townhouse style apartments by Breathe Architecture + DREAMER interior
These Sustainable 'Townhouse-Style' Apartments Are Designed With Families in Mind
open for business
The 15-Minute City Needs Small Business Saturday ... Every Day
view of the Runway in summer
Plan to Build 15-Minute City for 80,000 People Wins Design Award
Historic Art Deco District in South Beach, Miami, USA
Miami Beach to Swap Out Palm Trees
Micro apartment with bed, kitchen, and sofa in one room
What Are Micro-Apartments? Environmental Pros and Cons
 Cabaret performer Lip-Schtick bicycles through downtown Provincetown
City Ratings for Biking Tells Us How to Improve Our Cities
Traffic light in Vienna, a livable and lovable city
Vienna Declared to Be the World's Most Livable City, But Is It Really?
Letchworth Garden City - town development in Baldock Road, Letchworth, created by the British urban planner Ebenezer Howard in 1903.
Garden City Movement: The Making of a Utopian Design Concept
R50 Baugruppen in Berlin
Are Baugruppen the Answer to the Housing Affordability Crisis?
Athens, Greece
14 of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities in the World
Los Angeles, residential housing
Understanding Suburban Sprawl and Its Spread Into the Rural Landscape
Welwyn square
Let's Bring Back the Garden City Movement
Older Woman Driving
What's Keeping Older Drivers Driving? Bad Urban Design
Woven City for Toyota in japan
Enough With 'Smart Cities'—We Need Cities Done Right
Fifth Avenue New York
One-Way Streets Are Killers and We Should Get Rid of Them
High Line Park, New York City
Green Spaces Help Alleviate Loneliness in Urban Areas, Study Shows
People walking, biking and on transit in Amsterdam
European Commission Makes Cycling and Walking Priorities in Cities
Start of tunnel
Austria Cancels Highway Projects to Reduce Climate Risk
view length of park
Unused Rooftop in Shenzhen, China Turned Into Urban Recreational Skypark
Bitcoin City
Volcano-Powered Bitcoin City Proposed for El Salvador
The Green Jar
This Year, Small Business Saturday Is More Important Than Ever
Cover of book
Are Context Cities the New Smart Cities?
interior courtyard
Australia's Anne Street Garden Villas Show 1 Way We Can Fix the Suburbs
A berlin Street
The Goldilocks Density Delivers the Lowest Life Cycle Carbon Emissions
Ghost bike being installed
It's Time for the Construction Industry to Prioritize People Who Walk or Bike
Wework offices
How WeWork Changed the Idea of an Office
Seattle Turns the Page on Iconic Viaduct
High angle view of skyscrapers in Honolulu along Mamala Bay with lush green trees in the foreground and blue sky with white clouds above on a sunny day
8 of the World's Cleanest Cities
View looking west over bridge
How to Turn a Car Sewer Into an 'Inhabited Bridge'
Dutch playground
The City of Utrecht Wants Every Home to Have a Playground Nearby
Wide expanse of green lawn in New York's Central Park with Manhattan's skyline in the distance under a clear blue sky
10 Things That Make a Great Green City
roof top garden
London's Rare Orchid Discovery Spotlights Importance of City Greening
happy woman in city park
How Urban Green Space Affects Happiness Worldwide
A man walking through a park
Communities of Color Have Fewer Trees—This 'Tree Equity' Score Wants to Change That
Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland Named World's Most Livable City—But Is It Really?
A cul de sac of two-story suburban tract homes in Southern California.
Urban Sprawl: Definition, Causes, and Solutions
Pedestrian zone in Montmartre, Paris
Pedestrian Zones: Definition, History, and Outlook
Chuck Marohn
Strong Towns Founder Won't Be Silenced By Engineering Profession
huts on the wall
This Apartment Building in Vienna Is a Highrise of Huts
The golden Cau Vang bridge appears to be held by a large stone hand near Danang, Vietnam
12 Eye-Popping Pedestrian Bridges
Gem restaurant down the street
Why the 15-Minute City Needs a Good Bar
Tiny Mile Robots
What's Not To Love About Tiny Robots on Our Sidewalks?
Spokane Falls in Washington, water crashing down multiple levels
9 Unforgettable Urban Waterfalls
Closed Store on St. Clair
How Hybrid Work Can Make Our Cities Better
hello robot
Robots Are Stealing Our Sidewalks
Is Concrete "The Most Destructive Material on Earth"?
gourmet bitches toronto
Everyone's Excited About the Food Truck Revolution, but What Are the Implications for Urbanism and the Environment?
Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Way We Live as Much as the Car Did?
Doors Salvaged From Demolished Detroit Houses Reborn as Artsy Bus Stop Benches
british designer thomas theatherwick
British Designer Thomas Heatherwick's Buildings and Work Are on Show in London
Cargotecture to Shelter Homeless, Solve Housing Crisis in British Resort Town
Why Paris Is Transforming a Riverside Highway Into a Pedestrian Promenade
View of a grassy field Mount Manresa
Judge Rules in Favor of 'Greedy' Street Names at Controversial NYC Development
Why Oslo Is Saying No to Cars in Its City Center
One Building, One City: World's Tallest Prefab, Sky City, Is Breaking Ground in June
Houses under construction in Germany
Should Single-Family Houses Be Banned?
Liverpool Becomes Envy of the World With Fast Lane for Pedestrians
In Pee-Saturated San Francisco, Walls That Retaliate Against Public Urinators