From public transportation to telecommuting, learn the impact of your vehicle choice and the benefits of walking, biking, and mass transit.
Mazda and an A-Frame
Mazda's Electric Car Gets a Rotary Range Extender
Pickup Truck doing work
The Comeback of Small Cars and Trucks Is Good for Everyone
Crowded street in New York
Let's Talk About 'Induced Distance' Instead of 'Induced Demand'
Cube in park
CAKE Is Going to Build the Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever
Hummer EV
Heavy Electric Pickups Are a Safety Concern, Says NTSB Head
Commerce Photo Composite
The 8 Best Bike Saddle Bags of 2023
businessman works on smartphone while commuting to work on a city bus
How to Go Green: Commuting
e-bike in city
This CAKE E-Cargo Bike Can Carry Your Anvils to Adrigole
Biking in Melbourne
Biggest Barrier to Biking Is the Fear of Cars
Urban Arrow in City
2022 in Review: The Year E-Cargo Bikes Took Over
Side view of a blue Nissan Leaf
The (Wonderful) Downside of Electric Cars
No more flying like this
The Rich Emit More Carbon Just Flying Than Most Do Just Living
Best EV Conversion Companies of 2022
Best EV Conversion Companies
electric vehicle charging
Will Rising Battery Prices Create a Barrier to Entry for EVs?
Trucks just get bigger and bigger
The US Has a Pedestrian Safety Crisis Thanks to Bigger Vehicles
A Lightyear 0 in an empty space
Lightyear 0 Is a Solar-Powered Car You Can Drive for Months Without a Charge
E-Biking in Bavaria
E-Bikes Are the Most Attractive Mode of Transport in Germany
Vello SUB
The Vello SUB Is the World's Lightest E-Cargo Bike
Biking with a bike trailer
The 5 Best Bike Trailers for Kids
Bike and Motorcyle Together
E-Mobility Goes 'Vroom' With Eric Buell's FUELL Fllow Electric Motorcycle
Bike in snow
This Crowdsourced Map Keeps Streets Safe for Those Who Walk and Roll
Commuters on foot and cycling
What Is Vision Zero? Overview and Effectiveness
E-scooters for rent
Study: E-Scooters Slash Emissions and Reduce Congestion
cars waiting to be loaded into Ro-Ro ship
The Auto Industry Alone Will Blow the 1.5-Degree Carbon Budget
2024 Volvo EX90
Meet Volvo's New All-Electric Flagship SUV
woman and child on bikes in New York Citry
Electric Cars Are Not the Only Option for Low-Carbon Transport
Lanrick Bennett on the Bentway
Every City Needs a Bike Mayor
Bicyclists on Park Avenue in New York City
Here's How Drivers Can Be Allies to Cyclists and Nonmotorized Traffic
Sign at a gas station of gasoline over $4.00 per gallon.
13 Eco-Conscious Ways to Save Money on Gas
really crowded sidewalk in New York
Pedestrians Are Taking Back the Streets
placeholder image
Robert Sansone with his project
17-Year-Old Designs Greener Motor That Could Revolutionize EVs
Dragonfly resting
Dragonfly Hyperscooter Is a 4-Wheeled Hyper E-Thing
a busy atlantic avenue subway station underground in new york city
10 Reasons Why You Should Use Public Transport
Person holding a bike lock
The 8 Best E-Bike Locks to Keep Your Ride Safe
car in a parking lot getting charged
Biden Administration Approves EV Charging Station Plans Covering 75,000 Miles of Highways
EasyJet planes on a runway
EasyJet Ditches Carbon Offsetting in Favor of Actually Cutting Emissions
A woman pours fuel (CNG gas) into the car. Germany
What Is CNG Fuel? Understanding Natural Gas Vehicles
Bo against concrete
The Bo E-Scooter and Docking Station Is a Reinvention of a Troubled E-Thing
Best E-Bike Conversion Kits
The 6 Best E-Bike Conversion Kits of 2023
A hand holding a phone with an Uber app open.
Uber to Exclusively Offer Electric Vehicles by 2030
Ford BlueCruise System
Ford's New App Is an Exercise in Victim Blaming
Lectric Bike
The Affordable Lectric XP Lite 'E-Thing' Changed My Thinking
Drive Unit of an Electric Vehicle
Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions?
Air Canada electric hybrid aircraft
Air Canada Electrifies Its Lineup With Hybrid Planes
Woman locking bike to rack
The 10 Best Bike Racks of 2023
People inspecting a used electric vehicle at a dealer.
What to Know Before Buying a Used Electric Car
Riding Gazelle C380 Bikes
America's E-Bike Revolution Is in Trouble
The Electrobat Taxis
The Invention and Evolution of the First Electric Cars
Senior safety zone
Dangerously Designed US Roads Claimed a 'Jaw-Dropping' Number of Lives
E-Bikes, Equity, and Gentrification: How Local Initiatives Can Maximize the Benefits
Fluxjet transpod
TransPod FluxJet to Zip Between Calgary and Edmonton in 45 Minutes
Vintage photo of a woman riding a bike with a cargo trailer.
The 7 Best Bike Cargo Trailers
ENVO Flex Overland
The Envo Flex Is Two (or More) Bikes in One
Buyers of the New Nissan LEAF in Japan Can Get a Free Solar Array
Pink car in a garage
Becoming a One-Car Family in the Suburbs
10 Streets That Helped Shape America
Boom in the clouds
American Airlines Orders 20 Supersonic Jets—Is It Really Sustainable?
President Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law
What Biden's Landmark IRA Bill Means for EV Adoption in the US