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Senior man's hands tending to Bonsai tree
Horticultural Therapy Uses Nature to Help Heal
Meteor shower and starry night sky.
What to See in the Night Sky for June 2023
Aspen Trees in the Pando Clone near Fishlake Utah
Listen to the Sounds of the Largest Tree on Earth
The sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) responds to human touch.
Do Plants Have Feelings? A Science Explainer
Modern Biology mushroom music
Biologist-Turned-Musician Creates Sonic Magic With Bioelectricity From Fungi
The Milky Way and lupins field near the Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo, on New Zealand's South Island.
What to See in the Night Sky for May 2023
Medieval manuscript illustrations showing luan eclipses.
Sky-Gazing Medieval Monks Shed Light on Volcanic Mysteries
Lyrid Meteor Shower
What to See in the Night Sky for April 2023
Hand holding wilted vegetables in own garden.
Stressed Plants Make Sounds, We Just Can't Hear Them
The Uncanny Intelligence of Slime Mold
slime mold and fungi photography by Alison Pollack
Dazzling Macro Photographs Reveal the Magic of Tiny Fungi and Slime Molds
Very early morning shot of Venus rising (to the left of Jupiter) over pond and Slash Pine trees with reflection in Babcock Wildlife Management Area near Punta Gorda, Florida
What to See in the Night Sky for March 2023
a strange glowing yellow-orange flower on the forest floor
Strange, Ethereal 'Fairy Lantern' Presumed Extinct is Rediscovered After 30 Years
Night sky, Skagsand, Lofoten Islands, Norway
What to See in the Night Sky for February 2023
eggs on a conveyor belt
New Gene-Edited Hen Could Prevent Slaughter of Billions of Male Chicks
A green smoothie with spirulina, cocoa, and blueberries
Algae Could Supply Sustainable Protein to a Changing World
A wildly starry night sky over mountains
Stars Are Disappearing From Sight at an Astonishing Rate
Aerial view of plastic water bottles
Scientists Used Lasers to Transform Plastic Into Tiny Diamonds
woman washes avocado in sink
Spray-on Biodegradable Produce Coating Could Replace Plastic Packaging
Close up side shot of microplastics on human finger.
The Unlikely Solution to Microplastic Pollution: Magnets?
snowy landscape with new moon in sky
What to See in the Night Sky for January 2023
NASA SWOT satellite
NASA's SWOT Mission Will Provide First Detailed Map of Earth's Surface Water
solar panels covering canal in California
Los Angeles Exploring Plan to Cover Critical Aqueduct With Solar Panels
starry night sky in December
What to See in the Night Sky for December 2022
Young Woman Looking At View While Walking In The Park
Why You Should Take an 'Awe Walk'
rooster weather vane with blood moon
What to See in the Night Sky for November 2022
Woman collecting scrap aluminum for war effort
Why Would You Make Hydrogen From Aluminum?
mealworms and flour
World’s Largest Insect Farm to Open in France
high angle view of plastic pollution
Scientists Discover Surprising Remedy to Plastic Pollution: Caterpillar Spit
starry night sky
What to See in the Night Sky for October 2022
Qeqertaq Avannarleq
Mysterious 'Ghost Island' Revealed to Be Rare Iceberg in Disguise
Ingredients of a battery
Scientists Develop Cheap Batteries From Earth-Abundant Materials
night sky in the cornfield
What to See in the Night Sky in September 2022
illustration of a vast dust storm on Mars
Alfalfa May Be the Key to Unlocking Gardens on Mars
World Map Projection AuthaGraph faithfully represents all oceans, continents including the neglected Antarctica.
This World Map Is Weird — But Also the Most Accurate
peaches ripening on a branch
Climate Change Is Forcing Georgia Peach Farmers to Explore New Varieties
Protests against Shell Oil
National Oil Companies Will Keep Pumping Fossil Fuels 'To the Last Molecule'
winter night sky
What to See in the Night Sky for March 2022
Matthew Sankey and the first Sankey Diagram
Where Greenhouse Gases Come From and Where They Are Going
Vampire Power Costs Americans $19 Billion in Electricity Every Year
gazing at the night sky
What to See in the Night Sky for August 2022
James Webb space telescope first image
James Webb Telescope Captures Record-Breaking View of the Cosmos
Comet Neowise C/2020 F3 at sunset over misty mountains
What to See in the Night Sky in July 2022
El Gran Abuelo cypress in Chile
Chile May Be Home to the World’s Oldest Tree
Dandelion seeds blowing
How Dandelions 'Decide' to Spread Their Seeds
Sky with sun
Fighting Climate Change Through Solar Geoengineering Is a Bad Idea, Scientists Warn
campers under a starry night sky with illuminated tent behind them
What to See in the Night Sky for June 2022
river view of Guangxi
Sprawling Ancient Forest Discovered in Remote China Sinkhole
blood moon at total lunar eclipse
This Weekend's 'Super Blood Flower Moon' Lunar Eclipse Promises a Dazzling Show
lavender fields at night in southern France
What to See in the Night Sky for May 2022
A row of white electric fans of all sizes against a sea foam green wall.
Your Fans and AC Can Tag Team to Keep You Cool and Save Energy
C. Militaris fungi wired for sound
Mushrooms May Talk to Each Other Using Their Own Fungal Language
night sky with lupins in foreground
What to See in the Night Sky for April 2022
Conceptual rendering of solar panels spanning the 110 foot-wide TID Main Canal
California's 'Solar Canals' Will Save Water and Produce Clean Energy
meteorite closeup
World's First Meteorite 'Treasure Map' Offers Clues to Help Researchers
photo of moon at night, surrounded by stars
Rogue Rocket to Collide With Moon in March
starry night sky over the Matterhorn peak in Zermatt, Switzerland
What to See in the Night Sky for February 2022
Explosive Final Moments of Giant Star Observed by Astronomers for the First Time
looking at the night sky in January
What to See in the Night Sky for January 2022