Recycling & Waste

See the pros and cons of everything from recycling to zero-waste – and find tips to reduce the trash and plastic that goes in landfills and incinerators.
Reverse Vending Machine
England Is Finally Getting a Deposit Return Scheme for Some Bottles
plastic to hydrogen facility
Scottish Facility to Turn Plastic Waste Into Hydrogen
community leader picking up trash
Circular Future Fund Winners Have Smart Ideas for Fighting Disposable Culture
TAGPod zero waste dispenser system in use
This New Dispenser System Could Revolutionize Zero Waste Shopping
Dead Fluorescent Bulbs
It's Time to Phase Out Fluorescent Lightbulbs, Report Finds
recycling bins
What Should You Do With the Discarded Items From Spring Cleaning?
A white plastic bag on grass
Should Cities Throw Away Plastic Bag Bans? It's Complicated
Cropped hands of a person throwing a bottle in a green recycling bin.
It's Time to Ditch Performative Recycling
worker in construction vest holds bag of trash in front of pile of plastic rubbish
New Report Trashes Chemical Recycling—It Doesn't Solve Plastic Pollution
Abstract image of fluted wax paper creating grooves and curves against bright orange background
Can Wax Paper Be Recycled? Environmentally Friendly Alternatives
Commingled Recycling
What Is Commingled Recycling? How It Works and Recycling Tips
Singled Out
How to Recycle Light Bulbs and Why You Should
A pile of colorful fabrics.
How to Recycle Textiles: Give New Life to Old Clothes
Technological Waste
How to Recycle Laptops Safely and Responsibly
Carpet rolls trowed out for garbage
Can Carpet Be Recycled? Environmentally Friendly Options
Cardboard moving boxes piled on a wood floor.
How to Recycle Moving Boxes: Cardboard, Plastic, and Wooden Crates
Fridges stacked in a row for recycle used refrigeration units pollution gas
How to Recycle Appliances: Refrigerators, A/C Units, Stoves, and More
mattress recycling
How to Dispose of a Mattress: Recycling and Other Eco-Friendly Options
Hand Holding Packing Peanuts
Can You Recycle Packing Peanuts? Materials and Eco-Friendly Options
Mauritius litter
International Coastal Cleanup Report Reveals Staggering Reality of Recycling Crisis
Someone holds a paper plate and uses tongs to put a subway sandwich on it, while someone else holds their hand out for the plate
Can Paper Plates Be Recycled? Composting and Other Eco-Friendly Alternatives
PC graveyard
How to Recycle a Computer: Drop-Off, Mail-In, and Repurposing Options
Footwear decisions
Your Guide to Recycling Sneakers, Sandals, and Other Shoes
old television sets await recycling in China
How to Recycle TVs: Environmentally Responsible Options
Alexander Tsao with his dog Jinger
Teen Upcycles Climbing Ropes, Helping the Environment and Pets
loading UPS truck with boxes
Mail-Back Recycling Schemes Don't Work Nearly As Well As You'd Like to Believe
Scrap metal recycling
How to Recycle Scrap Metal
CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 09: Single use plastic bottles seen floating in polluted water near Cardiff Bay in Cardiff, United Kingdom.
EU Bans Many Single-Use Plastics, But Will It Work?
Beautiful summer picnic outdoor with tasty food and lemonade.
How to Pack a Plastic-Free Picnic
Old cell phones piled on top of each other
How to Recycle Old Cell Phones
Takeaway food and hot coffee.
Are To-Go Food Containers Recyclable?
Walmart storefront
Don't Believe the 'Store Drop-Off' Label When It Comes to Plastic Packaging
household hazardous waste safety warning labels
What Is Household Hazardous Waste? Definition, Examples, and How to Dispose of It
Mehanic doing service on electric car battery
Are Electric Car Batteries Recyclable?
Printer cartridge
Can Ink Cartridges Be Recycled?
Computer, metal and iron dump # 11
What Is E-Waste and Why Is It a Problem?
man puts out recycling
California Should Stop Accepting Non-Recyclable Plastics in Blue Bins
Europe, Czech Republic, Prague, View Of Cardboard Recycling Bin
Can Cardboard Be Recycled?
Engine oil drain unit. Car on a lift in a car service.
Can You Recycle Used Motor Oil?
plastic drink cups
Skip the Plastic on May 25 for International Plastic Free Day
Paint Cans for Home Decorating and Improvement, Brushes, Color Swatches
Can Paint Be Recycled?
trash and recycling bins at Georgia Tech
Do Labels Help People Recycle?
7-Eleven store in Singapore
7-Eleven in Taiwan Will Start Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics
overhead view of hand on multiple magazines spread on a table with coffee cup
Are Magazines Recyclable?
Man inspecting roll of paper in mill,
The Problem With Paper's Climate Impact
Nest of common coot (Fulica atra) partly built with face mask (GW9792-3) and glove (GW9792-4). Nest located at the Beestenmarkt, Leiden, The Netherlands, collected on the 6th of September 2020.
COVID Litter is Polluting the Environment and Killing Wildlife, Reports Say
A cluster of oyster mushrooms
Plastic-Eating Mushrooms: Species, Benefits, Impact
plastics recycling depot
Proposed Legislation Would Deal With the Plastic Pollution Problem
Woman collecting plastic garbage in forest
From Trash to Change: How Picking up Litter Can Spark Global Action
various items upcycled into new household objects including planters and vases
What Is Upcycling?
five types of sticky tape stacked together on dark brown laminate table
Is Tape Recyclable?
Brown Eggs
Are Egg Cartons Recyclable?
dryer repair
New UK Rules Say Appliance Makers Must Provide Parts for Repair
Close-up pile of shredded paper
Can You Recycle Shredded Paper?
Silicone kitchen implements and bakeware in bright colors
Is Silicone Biodegradable?
bulk grocery shopping
188 Environmental Groups Call on Governments to Ban Single-Use Packaging
Coca Cola paper bottle
Coca-Cola Trials Paper Bottles in Hungary
Woman recycling milk carton
Are Milk Cartons Recyclable?
shredded face masks with recycled concrete aggregate
Scientists Recycle Face Masks Into Roads to Fight COVID Waste