Planting Guides

Discover the secrets of a thriving garden with our lists of companion plants and other helpful planting guides.
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Close up of a women watering vegetables in a raised bed
What an Hour of Gardening Does to Your Body
Vegetable and flower plants on balcony
Design Tips for an Abundant Balcony Garden
Roasted young potatoes with herbs, thyme, salt with oil or butter. Fried little round baby potatoes, close up view
Grow Your Own New Potatoes for Christmas
An array of flowers in terracotta plant pots
Mistakes & Misconceptions in Sustainable Garden Design
Green courtyard in Turkey
Courtyard Garden Design Ideas and Tips
Quaint cottage garden with vintage white picket fence
Be a Rule Breaker in Your Garden
Vegetable and aromatic plant on Balcony
Expert Tips for a Sustainable Container Garden
Backyard Oasis
Your Understanding of Shade Can Make or Break a Garden
Nature is a teacher
Family Garden Mistakes to Avoid
A sketch and garden of biodiverse plants
What Will Our Gardens Look Like in 2050?
Street with Beautiful Brownstone Homes in Greenwich Village of New York City
Consider Watering Your Street Trees
Rows of mixed planting in a vegetable garden in summer
How I Prepare for Summer in My Garden
Day at the River
Use Riparian Planting to Restore River and Stream Banks
Retired couple discussing plans for their summer garden
Thinking About a Holistic Approach in Garden Design
Tropical Tree Toppled in Hurricane Irma Miami
The Significance of Trees After Natural Disasters Hit
Urban Farmers Organising Crates Of Fruits And Vegetables On Truck
Considerations for Regenerative Farming on a Small Scale
Young brother and sister picking fresh tomatoes from garden
For a Community Food Forest, Consider a Creative Location
Dill umbrellas. Dill blossom.
How I Deal with ‘Bolting’ Crops in My Garden
Fresh Herbs in the garden
Herb Garden Ideas for New Gardeners
Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) meadow
Challenging Preconceived Notions is Vital for Gardeners
Blurry grass background with hands holding dandelions
The Ultimate Guide to No Mow May
Girl watering vegetable garden
'Valuing the Marginal' in Permaculture Garden Design
Beautiful Portrait of Two Cedar Waxwing Feeding on Berries in Pennsylvania
What's Going on With the Wildlife in Your Garden?
Vegetable Garden
Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Kitchen Garden?
Planting evergreen tree
The Power of Planting With a Purpose
Good King Henry, Blitum bonus henricus
Here's How to Grow Good King Henry, an Incredible Edible Perennial
Scarecrow in a garden
Ideas for Reusing Old Clothes and Textiles in the Garden
Hand Holding Shovel Full of Compost, Home Composting
DIY Organic Fertilizers Sourced From Your Home and Garden
Young child walking through handmade willow tunnel
5 DIY Garden Features to Bring Extra Delight to Outdoor Play
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on flower,Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve,United States,USA
Monarch Butterflies Will Go Extinct if We Don't Take Action Now
Planting by hands young shoots in new wooden pot
Tips for Sowing Seeds Indoors This Spring
Two hands on a wooden table hold a handful of dark, rich potting soil
How I Make Free Potting Mixes For Seed-Starting and Container Gardening
An obscured person in garden boots rests in a hammock with gardening tools resting on the edge
How to Grow More in Your Garden With Less Work
Hummingbird at desert flowers
Why Choosing Nectar-Rich Plants for a Garden Is So Important
Portrait of young Asian woman having a walk in the park, enjoying the warmth of sunlight on a beautiful Autumn day outdoors and breathing fresh air with eyes closed. Relaxing in the nature under maple trees
How to Create a Sacred Grove in a Garden
Here's What Your Houseplants Need for Spring
ferns in a garden
Choosing and Growing Ferns in Your Garden
A child's hand reaching towards springtime snowdrops growing in a back yard.
An Ode to the First Signs of Spring in a Garden
A collage showing illustrations of garden plans
Download a Free Native-Plant Garden Plan for Your Specific Region
Herbs and vegetables
Where to Squeeze More Plants Into a Busy Garden
A row of blooming Bradford pear trees along a wooden fence
Ohio Bans the Sale of Once-Beloved Pear Trees
green pepper plant grows in garden with help of metal trellis
32 Companion Plants to Grow With Your Peppers
Daphne odona / Japan daphne / Daphne indica
Growing Guide for Daphne Odora: Plant Care Tips and Varieties
The Three Sisters companion planting illustration for corn, beans and squash
The Three Sisters: Planting Corn, Beans, and Squash Together
Growing hydroponic lettuce
How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce: Plant Care Tips
closeup of hand with rings cutting basil with pliers
How to Harvest Basil
Close-up of dragon fruits growing on cactus
How to Grow Dragon Fruit
Close-up of avocados hanging from a tree
How to Grow an Avocado Tree
woman's hand reaches for fresh cucumber ripe on the vine
Growing Cucumbers: How to Add Crunch to Your Garden This Season
Hand putting crushed eggshells into potted plant.
Are Eggshells Good for Plants?
hand stretches to touch red and green tomatoes growing on vine in garden
What’s the Difference Between Determinate and Indeterminate Tomatoes?
woman's hands gently cup purple lilac bushes growing in backyard
Growing Lilac in Your Backyard: Plant Care Tips
Balcony filled with large variety of potted herbs and flowers
16 of the Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Potted Plants to Transform Your Space
Sick gardenia plant in a pot
Why Are My Plants Turning Yellow?
Harvested Speckled Pinto Beans
Growing Guide and Plant Care for Pinto Beans
Low Angle View Of Flowering Tree Against Sky At Night with large moon
How to Create a Moonlight Garden
Victorian home with lush front yard garden filled with native plants and no grass lawn
10 Gardens Prettier (And More Water-Efficient) Than a Lawn
hand reaches to pinch off fresh leaves from rosemary bush growing outside
Growing Guide for Rosemary: Plant Care Tips, Varieties, and More
round orange ripe pumpkin grows in field with thick vine ready to harvest
Our Growing Guide for Pumpkins: Harvest Tips, Varieties, and More

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