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sad dog in ugly Christmas sweater outfit with christmas tree in background
Don't Rush Out to Buy a New 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater
three kids stand in snow in christmas tree farm to pick their fir tree
Why I Always Choose a Real Christmas Tree
cat peers into christmas tree to look for animals hiding
Look Out for Wild Animals in Your Christmas Tree!
cardboard box full of christmas junk and lights marked for donation
It's Hard to Downsize Christmas
American suburb homes decked out with huge christmas light display
US Uses More Electricity on Christmas Lights Than Ethiopia Does All Year
rows of Christmas trees with snow patches on tree farm
A Canadian Forester Argues in Favor of Real Christmas Trees
giant blue ocean wave crests in Pacific Ocean off California
Monster 75-Foot Wave Loomed Off the California Coast During the Holiday Weekend
woman stands in front of overflowing food display consumer overload
7 Fake, Annoying Holidays Brought to You by Consumerism
open books are hung on white wall with lights to create Christmas tree
Make Your Next Christmas Tree Out of Books
How Small-Scale Farmers Are Growing More Rice With Less Water and Fewer Chemicals
Happy Birthday, Fridtjof Nansen, a Pioneer of Passive House
A woman combing her wet hair out with a wide tooth comb.
The No Shampoo Experiment, 2.0
Asian baby grabs veggies from adult hand while sitting in high chair
Moms Turn Dried Fruit Into Organic Baby-Food Empire
A blue Tesla Roadster car recharging.
Tesla Sues the BBC and Top Gear for Libel Over "Falsehoods" in Roadster Episode
group of palm trees stretch toward clear dark sky filled with stars
Welcome to Niue, the First Country Recognized as a Dark Sky Place
pile of fresh oranges with stem and leaves still attached
This 12,000-Ton Pile of Orange Peels Is Now a Lush Costa Rican Forest
great white shark swims upward toward surface of water
Sharks Found Living Inside an Active Volcano
black cat sits at windowsill looking out
Homer, the Blind Cat Who Inspired a Bestseller, Has Died
Marie Kondo's Magic Lies Not in Tidying, but in Regarding 'Stuff' in a Whole New Way
Australian Wildfires Spawn Rarely Seen Weather Phenomena
Loop Could Be the Major Packaging Shift We've Been Waiting For
Most Plastics in Our Recycling Bins Aren't Getting Recycled, New Report Finds
Nathan Devine Australian founder of ReTrash
10 Beautifully Useful Things Made From 'Useless' Trash
Vieques: A Caribbean Island With Beaches and Eco-Hotels Galore
Why Meat Consumption Isn't Sustainable
Rachel Carson Documentary Exposes Author's Heartbreak and Passion
Dutch Inventor Launches Ocean Cleanup Mission
This Fashion Company Is Doing Something About Textile Waste—Using It
Jane Goodall Documentary Is Beautiful, Gut-Wrenching, Profound
'Blood Snow' Invades the Antarctic
Hands baking dough with rolling pin on wooden table
Why Radical Homemaking Makes Sense
Are You One of the 'Weirdos' Who Picks Up Litter?
Plastic Bags Emit Methane, Too
Sneakers Made From Kangaroo Leather: Why I'm OK With It
What Can Wolf Packs Teach Us About Being Better Humans?
Almost Half of Denmark's Electricity in 2019 Came From Wind Power
Objects found in the mud on the foreshore of the Thames River.
A Mudlark Explains the Joy of Her River Hobby
How to Find a Campsite, Airbnb Style
How Bees, Coffee Beans and Climate Change Are Inextricably Linked
Eating Insects: Vegans, Vegetarians Weigh In
Flamingos' Complex Social Lives Include Friends, Enemies and Maybe Even Frenemies
Caterpillar 'Plastivores' Can Eat and Digest Plastic Bags
These Animal Welfare Rules Just Got Nixed
Vieques' 400-Year-Old Ceiba Tree Blooms Again After Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Archaeologists Discover Recycling System in Ancient Pompeii
How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better
What if Whale Migration Isn't for Food or Calves?
Wind and Solar Plants Rise in the Shadow of Fukushima's Nuclear Meltdown in Japan
How Exoskeletons Are Strengthening Japan's Workforce
The Solution to Plastic Pollution Isn't Beach Clean-Ups, It's Companies Taking Responsibility
This Scientific Breakthrough Could Jumpstart the Revival of the Great American Barrier Reef
'Back Water' Takes You on a Canoe Trip Through a Most Unlikely Wilderness Area
The Beautiful Thing That Happened When This Japanese Town Went (Almost) Waste-Free
Bumblebees Can Switch to 'Economy Mode' When Their Nectar Load Gets Extra Heavy
Best Use of Drones Ever? Planting a Forest
Frog Tongues Hold Secret to Better Adhesives
Behold the Unique Beauty of a Real Desert Oasis
How Do You Make Your Bathroom Plastic-Free?
Seattle Turns the Page on Iconic Viaduct