Natural Disasters

Learn how the climate crisis influences natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods & droughts and what it means for the environment.
Avalanche In Karakoram Mountains, Ultar Trek, Karimabad, Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Avalanches, Landslides, and Mudslides: Definitions and Causes
salt marsh view in South Carolina
New Resource Outlines Nature-Based Solutions for Dealing with Flooding
people waiting for transport
When Disaster Strikes, Connections Make Us Safer
Hurricane Maria 2017 beachfront damage
The Facts, Timeline, and Impact of Hurricane Maria
Aerial view of forest with a dusting of snow and cracked earth.
What Is a Frost Quake, and How Does One Occur?
Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Superdome flooding
Looking Back on Hurricane Katrina
Wildfire on the Arctic tundra in front of the Baird Mountains
What Are Arctic Fires and What Causes Them?
Nepal earthquake 2015
15 Groundbreaking Earthquake Facts
Damage from a major post-wildfire landslide in January 2018 near Montecito, California, as a result of the 2017 Thomas Fire.
Landslides After Wildfires Expected Yearly in Southern California
A hurricane-damaged roller coaster sits in the ocean at sunset.
The Timeline and Impact of Hurricane Sandy
A wildfire burning near a Colorado
Understanding Wildland Urban Interface and Its Connection to Wildfires
5 dangerous volcanoes in the US
18 of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the U.S.
Child wading in knee-deep water during flood
8 of the Riskiest Regions for Natural Disasters
NASA Images of Hurricanes From Space
How Hurricanes Are Named (And Why)
Satellite image of Hurricane Irma
8 Beautiful Places Prone to Natural Disasters
What Happens to Animals During a Hurricane?
What Causes Sinkholes?
What Happens to Marine Wildlife During Hurricanes?
What Causes Tornadoes?
The Sickening, Dangerous Side Effects of Flooding
Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts
6 Cities That Rallied After Natural Disasters
A snow-covered mountain is visible behind a forested, coastal park
10 of the Most Wildlife-Friendly Cities in the U.S.
Airplane dropping red fire retardant on forest during August Complex Fire
10 of the Worst Wildfires in U.S. History
 the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland on April 17, 2010 from space
11 Images of Volcanoes as Seen From Space
What Are Extratropical Cyclones?
When It Comes to Volcanoes, What Is Laze?
The Simple Science Behind This 'Boiling' Sand
Earthquakes: Finding Fault With Nature
palm trees in a hurricane
How Do Palm Trees Survive Hurricanes?
What Are Lava Trees and How Are They Formed?
Are Hurricanes Linked to Global Warming?
200 Years Ago Mount Tambora Erupted. What Happened Next Changed the World
earthquake detector image
Build a DIY Earthquake Sensor
Real-Life Sharknado: 5 Actual Instances of Animal Tornadoes
Dried river bed during a drought
How to Prevent a Drought
Flooded streets in Hoboken, New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy
What Causes Hurricanes?
Environmental Consequences of the California Drought