Natural Cleaning

Learn how to declutter, minimize, organize, and switch to non-toxic cleaning products, many of which you can make at home.
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spring cleaning collage
3 Swaps to 'Green' Your Spring Clean
Bathroom with brown sponge
The 7 Best Biodegradable Sponges
Using baking soda Sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar for home cleaning. White vinegar in spray bottle and baking soda in glass jar.
12 Ways to Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean Every Room in Your Home
baking soda and vinegar
How to Make Your Own Washing Machine Cleaner
minimalist blue tiled shower with modern flat shiny chrome shower head
How to Clean a Showerhead With Baking Soda: Recipe and Instructions
glass bowl of baking soda and eco friendly brushes and cleaning products for kitchen
Cleaning With Baking Soda: 3 Easy Recipes for Tough Kitchen Messes
pile of orange peels on a wooden board
Why I’m Making Bio Enzyme at Home
Vacuuming a carpet
The 6 Best Natural Carpet Cleaners of 2023
Free the Ocean plastic-free sponges
Forget Plastic Kitchen Sponges—Natural Ones Work Just as Well
Cute patterns on swedish dishcloths
Thoughts on the Mighty Swedish Dishcloth
Wool dryer balls
Why I'll Never Use Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets Again
clean kitchen sink
How I Make My Kitchen Sink Sparkle
Cleaning with lemon
The 10 Best Natural Odor Eliminators
White mop
The 5 Best Mops of 2023
Best of green award winners seal
Best of Green Awards 2021: Green Cleaning
Cleaning with a kitchen towel
The 9 Best Alternatives to Paper Towels of 2023
Pink hydrangea arrangement on a kitchen sink
What Are Your Favorite Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?
Blueland dish powder
Blueland Makes the Coolest Zero Waste Dish Soap
Best Eco-Friendly Dish Soap
The 9 Best Eco-Friendly Dish Soaps of 2023
Cleaning with a dog
The 5 Best Natural Pet Odor and Stain Removers of 2023
Best Eco-Friendly Dish Towels
The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Dish Towels
Dryer balls in a basket
The 6 Best Dryer Ball Sets
man vacuuming a rug
How a Cleaning Routine Has Improved My Life
Inside of dishwasher
Does Having Two Dishwashers Make Sense?
Woman using a green cleaner to spray upholstered pillow and couch.
The 6 Best Non-Toxic Upholstery Cleaners of 2023
wide shot of minimalist modern open kitchen and dining room with sunlight galore
Simplify Your Home Cleaning Routine with These Easy Tips
Little girl in a pile of clothes
Some Alternatives to the KonMari Decluttering Method
Folding clothes and organizing stuff in boxes and baskets. Concept of tidiness, minimalist lifestyle and japanese t-shirt folding system.
A Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home
arm opens window with sunshine
12 Ways to Get Clean Air Without Harmful Chemicals
Old metal scalloped tray with eating utensils
How to Clean Silver Naturally Using Baking Soda and Other Green Ingredients
how to inspect for mold man with gutter
How to Prevent Mold: 10 Tips
hands clean brass candlestick in sink
How to Clean Brass Naturally
ways to kill mold naturally grapefruit
5 Ways to Kill Mold Naturally
clean puppy with blue eyes poses in bathroom with towel wrap
11 Everyday Uses for Castile Soap
Wine glasses hanging upside down on racks
What Is Dishwasher Rinse Aid?
Woman cleaning a stained shirt with a sponge
How to Remove Stains From Clothes and Carpet Naturally
washing machine with glass bottle of vinegar, laundry basket with towels, and ivy plant
20 Ways to Use Vinegar When Doing Laundry
Clothes Drying On Rotary Washing Line
11 Ways to Green Your Laundry
Woman Vacuuming Rug
10 Clever House Cleaning Hacks
7 Decluttering Projects for When You're Stuck at Home
gray block of bar soap with foam next to striped towel
The Best Bar Soaps for Every Body Part
bars of soap and liquid castile soap display on white waffle fabric with wooden brush and loofah
What Is Castile Soap? Uses and Benefits
Duvet, and pillows on a bed without cover in a bedroom
How to Clean a Mattress
Drying laundry on a line instead of in a clothes dryer is good for the environment.
Why You Don't Need Fabric Softener
shot of copper and brass cooking utensils against brick
How to Clean Copper Naturally: 4 Sustainable Ways
3 Swedish dishcloths sitting on a counter
I Tried Swedish Dishcloths and They Are Amazing
woman holds stack of towels outside
How to Get Soft, Fluffy Towels Without Fabric Softener
How to Do Less Laundry
Reusables Are Great — If You Wash Them
How to Clean a Cast-Iron Skillet
A patch of rust on a car
How to Remove Rust, and How to Prevent It in the First Place
8 Things NOT to Clean With Vinegar
8 Things to Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal
Clothing label showing several care symbols
How to Read Laundry Care Labels
sustainable laundry detergents in glass containers with towels and clothespins
Ditch the Laundry Jugs and Go Plastic-Free
persons hand put dirty clothes in the washing machine
8 Easy Maintenance Tips for Front Load Washers
Wash shoes
How to Clean White Shoes Without Bleach: Canvas, Leather, and Mesh Sneakers
neatly folded bed sheets sit on top of made up bed in bedroom
How to Care for Sheets and Bedding: 8 Mysteries Solved
man opening curtains in the morning
How to Green Your Cleaning Routine