Indoor Gardening

Advice, guidance, and troubleshooting tips for houseplants, windowsill gardens, hydroponics, smart planters, microgreens, and other methods of growing plants inside.
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tropical houseplants in colorful containers sit outside balcony in India
How I Became a Plant Mama
overhead shot of repotting plant materials plus spilled dirt and plant
How to Repot a Plant: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions
snake plant houseplant in grey pot against wooden wall in house
15 Indoor Plants That Can Handle Low Light
snake plant, ivy, rosemary, and succulent houseplants displayed on bedroom dresser
20 Best Indoor Plants for Beginners
Colorful flowers growing in pots on the balcony
15 Best Balcony Plants
two hands cup succulent in terracotta container surrounded by other succulents and spilled soil
The Best Soil for Succulents: Nutrients, Drainage, and Texture
Landscape scenery in the fish tank
18 Live Aquarium Plants You and Your Fish Will Love
overhead view of flowering deep purple African Violet houseplant on table
10 of the Most Beautiful Indoor Flowering Plants
dracaena dragon houseplant next to woman reading book on floor
20 Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants
Hanging houseplants on a wall
15 Indoor Hanging Plants to Greenify Your Space
woman sits on couch surrounded by houseplants including norfolk pine, croton, zz, and jade
12 Large Indoor Plants to Make a Green Statement
overhead shot of various kitchen herbs in terra cotta pots next to gas stove
10 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors
Young Woman Reaching Up to Potted Plants Hung on Wall
15 Fragrant Indoor Plants to Make Your Home Smell and Look Beautiful
rosemary, aloe vera, english ivy, and pothos in kitchen near city window
14 Window Plants to Brighten Your Views
A cat standing in a spider plant
15 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Adopt Into Your Home
hero shot DIY container for seeds
7 DIY Seed Pots From Common Household Items for Starting Seeds Indoors
touching plant leaves while watering
How to Water Houseplants Correctly
overhead shot of work desk with laptop surrounded by green houseplants near window
10 Best Office Plants to Brighten Your Workday
hand uses glass mister to refresh and add moisture to ficus houseplant
Should You Mist Your Houseplants?
mother in law snake plant in planter near tub
10 Shower Plants That Want to Live in Your Bathroom
houseplant sits in sunny windowsill during winter
How to Care for Houseplants During the Winter
woman reads book on green couch surrounded by various large house plants
10 Houseplant Decor Ideas for Big Impact
Four houseplants in ceramic pots
10 Forgiving Houseplants That Don't Ask for Much
woman in denim overalls holds small spiky aloe vera plant in terracotta pot
10 Air Purifying Plants for Your Home
12 Houseplants That Are Easy to Care For
hanging wire basket filled with string of pearls succulent near brick column outside
10 Lovely Plants for Valentine's Day
The Benefits of Grouping Houseplants Together
Young woman caring for a collection of houseplants
Get Houseplants Delivered Straight From the Greenhouse with Bloomscape
Harvesting plants from a hydroponic garden
The Best Advice to Start a Hydroponic Garden: Steps, Tips, FAQs
A woman in a green dress waters a big beautiful houseplant
5 Health Benefits of Houseplants
hands hold succulent in terra cotta pot
Why Succulents Make Such Good Houseplants
houseplants around a window in a small dorm desk
10 Perfect Houseplants for Dorm Rooms
stripped and spotted carnivorous pitcher plants hang from vines
10 Houseplants That Aren't Your Usual Houseplants
terracotta planter of thyme on kitchen sink
12 Great Houseplants for the Kitchen
3 potted plants sitting on a bench
Why Your Houseplants Need Soil Aeration
woman reads book in bed surrounded by various plants on chairs and trays
10 Bedroom Plants to Improve Your Sleep
air plant in pottery bowl on wooden shelf
9 Enchanting Facts About Air Plants
8 Baby Houseplants We're Obsessing Over
woman in winter clothes brings in outside plants during fall to protect them
How to Bring Your Plants Indoors This Fall
enormous fiddle leaf fig and other houseplants grouped near window during winter
How to Help Your Houseplants This Winter
person in sunny kitchen displays three houseplants on wooden table
15 Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill
group of plants in white shower tub waiting for water
How to Keep Houseplants Alive While You're Away
Bok choy and a chilli plant potted and growing on a wooden window sill
Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden This Winter
up close star red succulent against white window
How to Help Succulents Survive Winter Indoors
5 indoor house plants that clean your air in window
5 Houseplants for Removing Indoor Air Pollution
Latana Red Spread flower plant
12 Annuals to Overwinter Indoors
How to Build an Indoor Succulent Garden
How to Start a Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps
19 Inspiring Ideas for Easy DIY Terrariums
upcycled toilet paper roll as a seed starter with small plant growing inside
Savvy Alternatives to Peat-Based Products for Starting Seeds Indoors
Put a Tiny Garden in Your House With Wall Farm
15 Great Plants for the Terrarium in Your Home or Office
four popular varieties of house plants emit their own VOCs hero image
Bad Green: Some Indoor Plants Release Volatile Organic Compounds
Flowers of sakura blossoms in vase.
How to Force Branches From Flowering Trees & Shrubs to Bloom Indoors
Vermiponics? Adding Worms to Hydroponic Gardens
What Plants Are Toxic to Cats?
close-up shot of powdery mildew on green leaves on shrub
How to Identify and Prevent Powdery Mildew Plant Disease
hand shows off DIY neem and castile soap spray as natural insecticide in front of window
How To Use DIY Neem Oil Without Harming Bees
tropical Parlor palm indoor houseplant in straw basket outside kitchen room
13 Indoor Palm Trees for Your Home

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