Food Issues

Understand the trends and issues that affect how food gets to your plate.
Woman Hands Holding Vintage Bowl With Sweet Strawberries
The 12 Fruits and Vegetables With the Highest Pesticide Residues
Blue Marlin and Humpback Red Snapper fish glide over a colorful ocean reef full of coral plants
How Does Mercury Get in Fish?
Veggie Burger, vegan, with salad, radish, tomato, rock chive
From Vegan to Keto, Which of 6 Popular Diets Has the Highest Carbon Footprint?
Trolley filled with groceries in wholesale store Landscape
What is a Food Desert?
Indoor farm of hens that lay eggs.
What's the Difference Between Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs?
Food Inflation Continues To Increase With Eggs Costing 38% More Than A Year Ago
The Egg Shortage Reflects a Cruel, Unsustainable System
Hyperburgers app
Hyperburgers Is a Radical Idea for a Supermarket
A head of a white caged goose with an orange beak close up behind a metal fence in a poultry foie gras production concept
King Charles Bans Foie Gras From Royal Residences
cocoa beans in hand
Interview: Anna Canning of Fair World Project Compares Fairtrade to Rainforest Alliance
handful of grains
From Beer to Bread: How One Innovative Company Is Repurposing Spent Grain
digging new potatoes
Unemployed Line Cooks Are Now Gardening, Thanks to Kitchen Farming Project
free fridge at Universe City
Community Fridges Are a Grassroots Response to Food Insecurity
street view in Haarlem, Netherlands
Dutch City Moves to Ban Ads for 'Intensively Farmed' Meat
Crab Pot on deck of the fishing Boat
Understanding the Sustainable Seafood Industry
farmer's field during drought in UK
British Supermarket Lidl Commits to Selling Produce Stunted by Drought
A large field of lettuce growing near the foothills in Yuma, Arizona.
Eat Your Salad While You Can—There May Not Be Any Lettuce This Winter
woman looking at bagged lettuce in supermarket
Supermarket Ditches 'Best Before' Dates, Asks Shoppers to Use Their Own Judgment
a vineyard in Shropshire
Climate Change May Turn the UK Into a Global Wine-Producing Powerhouse
dried chickpeas in a bowl
Global Chickpea Shortage Could Eat Into Your Hummus Habit
couple dining al fresco in Mallorca
Spain Has a Plan to Tackle Food Waste
Deborah Osei-Mensah
West African Cocoa Farmers Earn Just $1 per Day
Wheat being unloaded
How Food Prices Are Affected by Fossil Fuels
bin full of household food scraps ready for composting
California's New Law Requires Residents to Compost Food Scraps
getting a jug of milk from the fridge
Supermarket Eliminates 'Use By' Dates on Milk, Tells Shoppers to Use Sniff Test
barista holds out reusable Muuse coffee cup
These Guys in Toronto Want to Wean You Off Disposable Coffee Cups
Chef José Andrés speaks at a podium
Chef José Andrés Uses Gift from Jeff Bezos to Launch $1B Climate Fund
Nick Green, Shockingly Fresh
UK Plans to Build Its Largest Vertical Farm Yet
peanut butter chocolate cup
This Halloween, Choose Candy That Doesn't Harm Orangutans
Cascadian Farm cereal
Perennial Grains Start Appearing on Grocery Store Shelves
man watering vegetables
Scotland En Route to Becoming a 'Good Food Nation'
solar powered transport trailer
Solar-Powered Refrigerated Trailers Could Eliminate Millions of Tons of CO2 Emissions
Glass bottle of almond milk surrounded by whole almonds
Is Almond Milk Bad for the Environment?
bright vegetables for sell at outdoor farmer market including cucumbers and eggs
What Does Organic Really Mean? Food and Farming Practices
woman with bowl of vegan pasta
UK's National Food Strategy Asks Britons to Eat Less Meat
farmer with white coffee beans in Ethiopia
Shop Fairtrade for the Climate
Woman cares for plants, watering green shoots from a watering can at sunset. Farming or gardening concept
Understanding Agroecosystems: Examples and Outlook
France, Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, Burgundy, Cote-d'Or, Cote de Beaune vineyards.
Climate Change Is Coming for Your Wine, Study Says
Urban Farmer Transporting Freshly Harvested Pumpkins In Wheelbarrow
Organic Farming: History, Timeline, and Impact
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman, Other Celebs, Invest in Vertical Farming Startup Bowery
coffee roast
Scientists Rediscover Climate-Resistant Coffee Plant
pints of beer
This Unappealing Beer Offers a Taste of Climate Change
Urban Farmers Organising Crates Of Fruits And Vegetables On Truck
Food Sovereignty: Definition, Principles, and Importance
pile of discarded zucchini
5 Ways the Government Can Tackle Food Waste in America
Olio food-sharing app
Share Surplus Food with Neighbors Using the Olio App
Cow grazing on grass on a sunny day
Cutting Out Beef Could Cut Agricultural Land Use In Half
girl with food rescue delivery
This App Helps Volunteers Deliver Surplus Food to Hungry Households
farmer's table
Meet the Inspiring Heroes Fighting Food Waste and Hunger
box of vegetables
Local Vegetables Might Be Coming to Your Mailbox Soon
cows feeding
Canadians Outraged by Dairy Industry's Use of Palm Oil in Cattle Feed
Combines to harvest soybeans sit at the Morro Azul farm about 70km from Tangara da Serra , Mato Grosso, Brazi
Are Soybeans Driving Deforestation?
Outcast Foods Super Greens powder
This Company Turns 'Ugly' Produce Into Nutritious Powders
James Wong and Stephen Jones
BBC Series Explores How Agriculture and Science Will Feed a Growing Planet
House of Commons UK
Humane Society Asks UK House of Commons to Eat More Plant-Based Foods
laughing cow cheese
'Look, Smell, Taste' Campaign Urges People to Use Senses Before Tossing Food
picking up a surprise bag
Awesome Anti-Food Waste App Finally Comes to the United States
Tractor spraying field
We Have to Change What We Eat to Stop the Climate Crisis
Donate Your Leftover Pumpkins to the Pigs
making tofu sausages
Veggie Burgers Could Soon Be 'Veggie Discs' in Europe
Is It Safe to Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole?