Learn about ecosystems, wildlife, oceans, clean water, and air quality – and what we can do to protect the planet.
    Yellow Labrador Retriever
    Dogs Could Revolutionize the Sustainability of Future Pandemic Testing
    Aerial view Crude oil tanker
    The Environmental Impact of Ocean Noise
    155 Million Pounds of Pesticide Leach Into Aquifers Every Year
    Air travel, airplane shadow landing, passenger view, airport runway grass area
    Delta’s Green Marketing Lawsuit: A Springboard into Sustainability's Future
    Recycling Plastic
    How Many Times Can Plastic Be Recycled?
    two people walking together with one person walking a bike
    Best Bike Share Programs of 2023
    A tent is under the Milky Way on the top of a mountain, Washington, US
    What to See in the Night Sky in July 2023
    Beautiful summer picnic outdoor with tasty food and lemonade.
    How to Pack a Plastic-Free Picnic
    Woman drinking water
    How Does BPA Affect Animals and the Environment?
    Person holding compostable bag
    We Tried These Compostable Garbage Bags and Will Never Go Back
    Essential Homes Research Project by Norman Foster Foundation & Holcim exterior
    These Low-Carbon Modular Shelters Offer Dignity and Well-Being to Displaced People
    7 Things to Know About the Summer Solstice
    Senior man's hands tending to Bonsai tree
    Horticultural Therapy Uses Nature to Help Heal
    A sketch and garden of biodiverse plants
    What Will Our Gardens Look Like in 2050?
    Takeaway food and hot coffee.
    Are To-Go Food Containers Recyclable?
    There's No Such Thing as a Styrofoam Cup
    Day at the River
    Use Riparian Planting to Restore River and Stream Banks
    Poor Air Quality Across the U.S. Due to Canada Wildfires
    What Does 'Unhealthy Air Quality for Sensitive Groups' Mean?
    Beaver Dam
    Beaver Dams Can Last Centuries, 1868 Map Shows
    A woman in front of a green wall carrying two reusable shopping bags
    A Beginner's Guide to Plastic-Free Living
    Meteor shower and starry night sky.
    What to See in the Night Sky for June 2023
    Tropical Tree Toppled in Hurricane Irma Miami
    The Significance of Trees After Natural Disasters Hit
    Clearing the windscreen while driving
    Windshield Washer Fluid Has a Dirty Little Secret
    color images of deep sea creatues
    Over 5,000 New Deep-Sea Species Found in Future Mining Hotspot
    Person with mascara on eyes
    Lush Launches Its First Packaging-Free Mascara
    Central Park Mall with green trees, New York City, USA
    Trees Are a ‘Must-Have’ Medicine When Addressing Mental Health
    Panoramic view of Laguna Colorada in the Bolivian Altiplano , Bolivia
    13 of the Most Bizarre Lakes in the World
    Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae)
    Eradication of Small Mammals Is Harming Vital Ecosystems
    Penguin dryer balls in a basket of alundry
    Why Our Editors Love Dryer Balls Over Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets
    River running through lush green forest in rain, Yakushima Island, Japan
    50 Hours of Nature Sounds to Bring You Calm and Joy
    A coral reef teeming with fish
    Coastal Lights Are Tricking Coral Reefs and Harming Their Recovery
    Aspen Trees in the Pando Clone near Fishlake Utah
    Listen to the Sounds of the Largest Tree on Earth
    Why Is It Illegal to Walk Freely in Most of the US?
    Beautiful Rolling Scottish Countryside At Dusk
    Why the 'Right to Roam' Is So Important
    Cigarette butts overflowing outdoor ashtray
    It's Time to Ban Cigarette Filters
    Blurry grass background with hands holding dandelions
    The Ultimate Guide to No Mow May
    Cleaning with a kitchen towel
    The 9 Best Alternatives to Paper Towels of 2023
    The Milky Way and lupins field near the Church of the Good Shepherd near Lake Tekapo, on New Zealand's South Island.
    What to See in the Night Sky for May 2023
    looking up at blue sky and white clouds from the base of a circle of pine trees covered in snow
    Trees Form Friendships and Remember Their Experiences
    wildlife of asian elephants herd in the wild
    Elephants Have Lost Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Habitat Across Asia
    View looking up into lush green branches of large tree
    20 Reasons to Really Love Trees
    Best Bee Supply Companies
    Best Bee Supply Companies
    The 6 Best Carbon Offset Programs of 2022
    The 6 Best Carbon Offset Programs of 2023
    Sunrays Through Treetops
    94% of Americans Agree This Nature-Based Superhero is Good for the Planet
    Photo of Earth from space
    13 Exquisitely Extreme Things About Planet Earth
    Plants and small barnacles growing on a piece of plastic
    Unexpected Species Are Colonizing Rafts of Plastic Debris in the High Seas
    A wild boar with dark gray fur and curved tusks
    10 Invasive Species That Changed the World Forever
    a modern building with mossy stones in front
    World's First Rewilding Center Opens in Scotland
    Planting evergreen tree
    The Power of Planting With a Purpose
    placeholder image
    The Best Composting Services
    Medieval manuscript illustrations showing luan eclipses.
    Sky-Gazing Medieval Monks Shed Light on Volcanic Mysteries
    A village that is overgrown with greenery
    8 Dreamlike Abandoned Places Being Reclaimed by Nature
    Variety of empty clear glass bottles and jars
    How to Recycle Glass Correctly
    Star sand on a wooden board
    Star Sand Shows Nature’s Exquisite Attention to Detail
    Best Electric Bike Insurance
    Best Electric Bike (EBike) Insurance Companies
    Lyrid Meteor Shower
    What to See in the Night Sky for April 2023
    Cup lichen (Cladonia pyxidata) growing like an island on a rotten tree stump, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    Meet the Coolest Tiny Plants in the Forest
    Saint Petersburg, Florida, Driftwood Neighborhood
    What Trees Can Do for You
    Amethyst Deceiver Mushrooms
    13 Bizarre and Beautiful Mushrooms