Corporate Responsibility

Learn what business and industry are doing to take responsibility for their impact on the planet.
Debris is seen during a storm surge near the Puerto Chico Harbor during the passing of Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico Sues Oil Majors Over Hurricane Damage
Concept luna removing keyboard
Dell's Concept Laptop Is a 'Design for Disassembly' Win
Attendees photograph one another outside the main entrance on the first day of the UNFCCC COP 27 climate conference on November 06, 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
United Nations Urges Companies to Stop Greenwashing
Amazon Go's first store
Amazon Go Seeks Toughest Zero Carbon Certification
Yvon Chouinard
Yvon Chouinard Just Gave Patagonia Away to Help the Environment
A bag of coffee with a fair trade label on a counter with coffee cups
The Treehugger Guide to Sustainable Certifications
Top of beer can
The Beer Can Is an Unsustainable Tale of Convenience, Corporate Concentration, and Profit
A vintage photo of a 1920s car with a woman driver
How GM Invented Planned Obsolescence
Walmart version of Canoo
Walmart to Buy 4,500 Electric Delivery Vans That Look Like Toasters
Amazon doing a delivery by e-cargo bike
Amazon Is Using E-Cargo Bikes in London to Solve the Last Mile Problem
European Union Flag with connectors
Small Changes, Like Standardizing Charging Cables, Have Big Impact
dining on sas plane
Aviation Industry Has Missed Climate Targets for 20 Years
facade of Ikea store Vienna
Vienna's New IKEA Store Is a Giant Set of Shelves
dollar store aisle
Dollar Stores Are Full of Toxic Products
Apple aluminum
Apple Gets First Commercial-Grade Low-Carbon Aluminum From Elysis
An aerial look at Brompton's new HQ in Ashford
Brompton Plans Bike Factory on Stilts With No New Car Parking Spaces
Close up of woman's hand using smartphone in the dark, against illuminated city light bokeh
Facebook Failed to Label Over 50% of Posts From Top Climate Deniers
Coors Light six-pack in cardboard sleeve
Coors Light Announces End to Plastic Beer Rings
McDonald's Opens 'Net-Zero' Restaurant in the UK
Coke bottles
Is Coca-Cola Serious About Returnable Bottles?
Television Recycling
What Is Extended Producer Responsibility? Policy Overview
ExxonMobil refinery
ExxonMobil's 2050 Net-Zero Pledge Is Laughable Greenwash
Recycling a Keurig pod
Keurig Canada Fined $2.3 Million for Misleading Recyclability Claims
Pile of clothes
Fashion Feeds Deforestation, Report Shows
Low Angle View Of Building Against Sky
Big Tech's Climate Policy Talk Doesn't Translate Into Lobbying for Action
broken iPhone display
Apple Gives Its Users the Right to Repair
working on a macbook pro
Apple's New Computers Don't Get Its Usual Dismal Repairability Score From iFixit
Air Pollution From A Natural Gas And Coal Power Plant. Emissions Harmful Substances To Atmosphere.
Only 20% of Companies in G20 Countries Have Science-Based Decarbonization Plans
bartaco's Denver LoHi location visually embodies Green Place's mission
Green Places Shows Businesses How to Shrink Their Carbon Footprints
McDonald's signs
McDonald's Promises to Phase Out Plastic Happy Meal Toys by 2025
Coalition Calls on Marketing and PR Firms to Stop Fueling the Climate Crisis
Harvard University clock tower
Harvard Moves to Divest From Fossil Fuels
Coffee Shop Promotes 'Fake' Meat with 'Fake' Celebrity Chef
green and lush thickly wooded forest with skinny trees
The TH Interview: Tony Brown and the Ecosa Institute
Swedish ikea mega store
Ikea to Sell Green Energy. No Solar Panels Required.
steel ingot
Sweden's HYBRIT Delivers Fossil-Free Steel
lavendar farm
West Virginia Startup Turns Coal Mines Into Lavender Farms and Wellness Products
Twelve zero-emission eCargo aircraft will form world’s first electric Express network
DHL Orders 12 Electric Cargo Planes
Tern Bikes
Tern Bikes Donates Profits to Pro-Cycling Nonprofits
Don't blame me for climate change, it's 100 companies' fault!
Stop It With the '100 Companies Responsible for 71% of Carbon Emissions' Already
Environmental air Pollution dumping into the sky above
Big Oil Spent Millions on Facebook Ads to Spread Fossil Fuel Propaganda
A general view of the Olympic rings installation and Rainbow Bridge as the sun sets on day twelve of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Odaiba Marine Park on August 04, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan.
Is Tokyo 2020 the Greenest Olympics Ever or the Most Greenwashed?
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba Urges Grassroots Ideas for Climate Change Solutions
A view of the steel industry on April 30, 2021 in Taranto, Italy. Arcelormittal recently closed a deal with Invitalia to create a new public-private partnership and relaunch the group and the Taranto plant, which is the largest steel factory in Europe.
Another Company Moves Toward Lower Carbon Steel
Sweet Thins
How Simple Mills Is Supporting Regenerative Agriculture
Hmm, do I care about ESG?
Treehugger Investors Walk the Walk
Aerial View Of Container Ship Sailing In Sea
These 15 US Retailers Have the Worst Cargo Shipping Footprint
MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array
Solar Now Powers 13 MGM Resort Properties on the Las Vegas Strip
Customers carry bags as they leave a Target store May 15, 2006 in Albany, California.
Target's Sustainability Goals Include Going Net-Zero
Toast Ale
Toast Ale Brews Beer From Waste Bread. Now It Commits to Net-Zero Goals
Woman walking past dollar store.
Study Finds Toxic Chemicals in Many Dollar Store Products
Top down Aerial view of a farmer harvesting potatoes. He is using big agricultural equipment for it.
Frozen Potato Giant McCain Commits to 'Regenerative' Agriculture
Modern ecological city
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: Why It Matters
reusable Starbucks cup
Starbucks Introduces Reusable Cup Program in Europe, Middle East, Africa
A general view of Exxonmobil or Exxon Mobil refinery in the Port of Rotterdam
Exxon Loses (Again) to Activist Investors
farmer in north Sumatra
Dove Plans to Restore 20,000 Hectares of Forest in North Sumatra
Nespresso Hydrogen Trucks
Why Is There So Much Hype Over Hydrogen?
88 Acres Edge'nola
JetBlue's In-Flight Snack Bar Edges Are Turned Into Tasty Granola Snacks
RetroFirst Campaign Calls to End the Construction Industry's 'Dirty Little Secret'

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