From friends and work groups to neighborhood networks, learn how communities can work together for everyone's sake.
Bring a Book Take a Book Sign
Stop Buying New Things: Swap, Share, Borrow Instead
Tropical Tree Toppled in Hurricane Irma Miami
The Significance of Trees After Natural Disasters Hit
Allotment garden, aerial view
How to Build Community Resilience
Central Park Mall with green trees, New York City, USA
Trees Are a ‘Must-Have’ Medicine When Addressing Mental Health
Group Of Urban Farmers Tending To Organic Crops
How to Establish an Intentional Community
Young brother and sister picking fresh tomatoes from garden
For a Community Food Forest, Consider a Creative Location
Beautiful Rolling Scottish Countryside At Dusk
Why the 'Right to Roam' Is So Important
Planting evergreen tree
The Power of Planting With a Purpose
An outdoor balcony with potted plants and two people lounging and visiting
Former Single Family Home Converted Into Vibrant Co-Living Spaces
Houses and Park Beside Huge Oil Refinery in East Toledo, Ohio - Aerial
EPA Launches $550 Million Program for Environmental Justice Grants
guy outside hiking with backpack pauses on old wooden trail to admire trees
10 Rules for Proper Trail Etiquette
preschool shopper at food stand
Preschool Farm Stand Battle Opens Doors for More Nutritious Produce in a Georgia Community
Colorful mountain illustration with awards seal
Best of Green Awards 2021: Changemakers
Rows of solar panels gleam in the sun, part of the Kayenta II Solar project on the Navajo Nation.
Just Transition: History, Principles, and Examples
Guerrilla gardening - flowers brighten up a suburban road in London.
What Is Guerrilla Gardening? Definition and Examples Throughout History
A handsome man looking at something intently through inoculars
What Is Citizen Science? History, Practices, and Impact
Cropped Hand Holding Rainbow Flag In City
The Rainbow Pride Flag and Its Connection to the Environment
Pride Flag
10 Sustainable LGBTQ+ Businesses to Support in 2023
Kids in the garden.
Banned Preschool Farm Stand Finally Opens Again
neighbors exchange bread
The 'Buy Nothing Project' Began as a Social Experiment. Now It's a Global Movement.
How to Start a Circular Economy in Your Hometown
Meet the Beautiful, Remarkable Tree That Survived 9/11
6 of the World's Most Remote Communities
19 of the Best Environmental Charities to Support
Community Fridges Around Miami Offer Food For Those In Need
What Is a Community Fridge? Think Little Free Pantry With Electricity
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A Beginner's Guide to Birding
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Want to Save the World? Start With Your Own Neighborhood.
Can Vacant Mall Stores Alleviate Homelessness?
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11 Ways the World (As We Know It) Could End
How Community Gardens Help (And Even Hurt)
Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts
6 Cities That Rallied After Natural Disasters
Trail Trees Are a Living Native American Legacy
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Denmark's Hygge Isn't the Only Snuggly Tradition in the World
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Are You Wondering How to Start a Community Garden?
4 All-Inclusive Boy Scouts Alternatives
10 of the Country's Best State and County Fairs
5 Thriving, Sustainable Communities
5 Ways Communities Persuade Dog Owners to Pick Up Poo
Music Festivals Are Environmental Disasters
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How to Go Green: Work From Home
A woman in overalls picks up garbage in the forest.
How Conservation Helps People, Too
Best Knitting Subscription Boxes
Best Knitting Subscription Boxes