Climate Crisis

Learn how the climate crisis impacts our health, our weather, our food supply, and our coastal cities – and what we can do to help reverse it.
Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
65% of Antarctica's Plants and Wildlife Will Decline by 2100, Study Finds
fossil fuel fumes
Is Uncertainty Now Our Friend in the Climate Fight?
Young rich blonde female entering a private airplane parked on an airport tarmac.
Calls for Taxing Private Jets of the Superrich Are Getting Louder
Aerial view of a Bai (saline, mineral lick) in the rainforest of the Congo Basin.
Oil, Gas Exploration and Deforestation Threaten Africa's Great Carbon Sink
Flames from the Rocky Fire approach a house on July 31, 2015 in Lower Lake, California.
Study: Migration Heating Up in Fire-Prone Regions
Man carrying Christmas tree on snow covered farm against sky
Drought Threatens Future Christmas Tree Supply
Huge Forest Fire in Red Pine Forests
What's the Difference Between Global Warming and Climate Change?
Happy woman takes a walk in nature
15 Resolutions You Could Make for a Happier, Lower-Impact 2023
Prince William and Kate at Earthshot Prize ceremony 2022
Winners of Prince William's Earthshot Prize Didn't Attend the Awards Ceremony
A bunch of men at COP27 decide the future of 1.5
The 1.5-Degree Climate Goal Is As Essential As Ever
A Forest Is Born
What Is Afforestation? Definition, Examples, Pros, and Cons
Activists March Across Brooklyn Bridge Demanding Funding For Excluded Workers In NY State Budget
Study Calls for a Carbon Tax on the 1% to Tackle the Climate Crisis
Please mind the gap
Emissions Gap Report Calls for Rapid Transformation of Societies
car crash
Why Don't People Care About Climate Change?
Wind turbines
Emissions Expected to Grow Only 1% in 2022
Corn growing between trees in Kiambu County, Kenya. Low angle view.
NGO Reports ‘Deadly Decade’ for Environmental Defenders
View of Brazil's Amazon rainforest
26% of Amazon Rainforest Is at Tipping Point, Study Finds
Peruvian Amazon destruction
Oil Company Threatens Amazon Reserve for Isolated Indigenous Tribes
permafrost in the snow high icy land,
What Is Permafrost? Definition, Types, and Examples
Cases of bottled water are handed out at a Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition distribution site on August 31, 2022 in Jackson, Mississippi.
Mississippi's Water Crisis Is a 'Textbook Case' of Environmental Racism
A carbon capture test unit at the Longanet coal plant in Scotland
What Is Clean Coal Technology? Overview, History, Carbon Emissions
Smoke Emitting From Chimney Against Sky
A Future Without Fossil Fuels Is Impossible Without Lifestyle Changes
Cracked silt on the bank of the Fu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River, seen on August 25, 2022 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.
Drastic Drought Dries Up China’s Yangtze River
shanghai air pollution
25 Cities Produce More Than Half of World's Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Dairy Cows
The Best Diet for the Climate Crisis Takes Red Meat Off the Menu
sign of banned car against sky
A Car Ban Will Improve the State of the Climate, But Is It Ableist?
Air conditioner in Houston
The World Will Soon Need More Cooling Than Heating
Houses in Innatalipur village of South Surma Upazila of Sylhet are submerged in flood water.
Bangladesh Needs Nature-Based Solutions to Save Itself From Catastrophic Floods
What Is the IPCC?
Fire Truck Extinguishing Forest Fire
40% of US Voters Think Climate Change Is 'Very Important'
farmer protest in netherlands
Farmers Are Fighting Over Fertilizer As Agriculture's Impact on the Environment Becomes Undeniable
Woman weather forecaster in the 1970s
'Currently' Is the Daily Weather Report That Doesn't Ignore the Climate Crisis
Earth Overshoot Day: When We Go Into Global Resource Overdraft
Sunset over Colorado River from a Grand Canyon viewpoint
8 Lakes and Rivers That Are Drying Up
Greenwich park London
The Best Way to Cool Our Cities Is to Plant More Trees
People roller skate on the promenade during the recent hot weather on June 17, 2022 in Southend, England.
UK's Scorching Heat Wave Left People of Color More Vulnerable
Aftermath of fire in Wennington, Greater London, July 20
It's Time to Face the Climate Reality—There's No Time for Small Steps and Incrementalism
Boston Metal Cell for electrolytic steel production
Boston Metal Electrifies Steel Manufacturing Using Electrolysis
Is Beach Restoration a Forever Task?
It's too hot to stay inside
As Temperatures Spike, Here's How You Can Beat the Heat Wave
Mustard growing in France
Condiment Crisis! Climate Change Is Causing Mustard Shortage
cacao pod fruits ripe on tree in rainforest farm
Is Climate Change Consuming Your Favorite Foods?
What is emitting here, Amoco or the Chrysler?
Lawsuits Helped Kill Big Tobacco—Can They Repeat It With Big Oil?
Blue Origin Launch
The Climate Impact of Space Tourism Is Significantly Worse Than We Thought
Supreme Court
US Supreme Court Votes to Cook the Planet by Limiting EPA's Power
Peppers at the farmers market
Food-Miles Study Spotlights Why We Need Local Food Back on the Menu
The Carbon Almanac
'The Carbon Almanac: It's Not Too Late' Is the Climate Crisis Book We Need Now
Aerial view of road intersection
Building Cities in Harmony With Nature Is Essential for a Thriving Planet
Cracked mud in a dry ephemeral pan in the Southern Namib
The Climate Crisis Is Messing With Earth's Water Cycle
Skating at Toronto Metropolitan University
These Students Are Building a Guide to the Climate Crisis
Area in Amazon Forest deforested for cattle and remaining forest.
Global Anti-Deforestation Efforts Aren't Enough to Tackle Forest Loss
Peter Kalmus at a protest
Climate Activist Peter Kalmus Calls for a Global Earth Rebellion
Harold Lloyd stopping time
Time Is as Important as Tech When Fighting Climate Change
A formerly sunken boat rests on a now-dry section of lakebed at the drought-stricken Lake Mead on May 10, 2022 in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada.
Pessimism and Optimism Are Both False Choices in the Climate Crisis
harvesting palm fruits in Indonesia
Vegetable Oil Shortage Highlights Need to Feed People, Not Cars
Aerial view of the Colorado river against rock formations in Arizona
These US Rivers Are Endangered by Climate Change, Pollution
Dairy Cows
Rich Countries Should Consume Less Meat
recycling heroes
Few People Care Enough About the Climate Crisis to Make Serious Changes, Poll Shows
Lummus park in the morning, South Beach, Miami, USA
The Problem With Florida Palm Trees: Native vs. Non-Native Palms