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Miss Universe on stage wearing an orange cape that reads "if not now, then when"
Miss Universe Is a Sustainability Queen
Photographer Waited in a River Nightly for 4 Years to Get This Singular Shot of a Beaver
Child reading a book inside on a rug that looks like meadow
These Recycled 'Pasture' Rugs Bring Nature's Textures Into the Home
three macro snowflakes on black background
Macro Photos of Snowflakes Show Impossibly Perfect Designs
Best Knitting Subscription Boxes
Best Knitting Subscription Boxes
chimp kissing his mother
Famed Photographers Sell Images to Benefit Conservation
Samantha Zwicker with wildcat
Rescuer Saves and Rehabs Hundreds of Wild Animals in Peru
Lost Words book cover
'The Lost Words' Restores Nature to Children's Vocabulary
lion cub tumbling out of tree
Winking, Waving, Tumbling Animals Win Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
A woman looks at Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers painting at the EY Exhibition: Van Gogh at Tate Britain in London.
Will Throwing Soup at Art Stop the Climate Crisis?
nuzzling red foxes
Nuzzling Foxes and Huddling Monkeys Vie for Photo Award
scarlet macaw and red-rumped parrot
Colorful Photographic Compilations Are Homages to Birds
Ocelot roams brush in South Texas
Filming the Elusive Ocelot in South Texas
acorn woodpecker in a tree
Quirky, Hoarding Woodpeckers Star in Documentary
The Open-Air Life cover
'The Open-Air Life' Will Teach You the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv
Frost glistens on the plants in a foggy landscape during sunrise
24 Profoundly Beautiful Words That Describe Nature and Landscapes
climate crisis wildfires shown on old fashioned tv
TV and Film Scripts Need to Stop Ignoring the Climate Crisis
baboons at the waterhole
Water Hole Attracts Animals, Conservationists in Kenya
50 States of Change postcard art Hannah Rothstein
Artist's Viral Postcards Depict 50 American States in Climate Crisis
smiling triggerfish
Grinning, Winking, Happy Animals Vie for Photo Honors
Elephant painting on easel
Is Elephant Painting Cruel?
bees in a ball
Bees, Birds, and Predators Win Photo Awards
embryonic gecko hand
It's a Small, Small World in Photography
pair of friendly lions walking in Kenya
Wildlife, Plants, and Climate Star in Winning Photo Awards
cats on a fence, butting heads
Cats, Dogs, and a Smoking Alpaca Win Pet Photo Awards
polar bear in abandoned home
Curious Animals and Chance Encounters Highlight Photo Entries
possum eating banana in backyard at night
These 17 Photos Show Nocturnal Animals in Action
person swinging as Tungurahua erupts
Photos Capture Relationship Between People, Volcanoes
Miniature art sculptures by Fanni Sandor
Artist's Biologically Accurate Miniature Sculptures Urge Us to Look Closer
puppy and kitten napping together
Silly Pets Swim, Drive, and Grin for Photo Awards
Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle
Book Review: 'Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle'
two coyotes on the street at night
City Critters Are Focus of Urban Wildlife Photo Awards
white-tailed kites in the air
Striking Birds Swoop and Pose in Winning Audubon Photos
Hot Mess book cover
Matt Winning's 'Hot Mess' Doesn't Preach to the Climate Crisis Choir
swimming polar bears
Photographers Capture the Magnificence of Big Animals
Seed Stories by Thierry Ardouin / Tendance Floue
Photographer's 'Seed Stories' Tells Close-Up Tales of Resilience and Sovereignty
coastline and walkway
Exploring the Beauty Along the World's Coasts
John Stanmeyer photo "Wadi Hafeer," 2014
Photographers Share Art to Benefit Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine
Book cover of 'How the World Really Works'
Book Review: 'How the World Really Works' by Vaclav Smil Gets a Mixed Reception
puma captured on a camera trap in Ecuador
Riveting Camera Trap Photos Create New Database of Amazon Wildlife
rusty-patched bumblebee
Young Artists Capture the Beauty of Endangered Species
Botanical Bas Reliefs by Rachel Dein
Artist's Botanical Bas Reliefs Immortalize Beauty of Plants
'Bigger Than Tiny' books sitting on a wooden surface.
Book Review: 'Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average' Spotlights the Merits of Modestly Sized Houses
Things You Can Do book cover
Review: 'Things You Can Do' Is a Personal Guide to Tackling the Climate Crisis
Biodiversity art by Zoe Keller
Artist's Incredibly Detailed Biodiversity Illustrations Merge Art With Science
guanacos in Chilean Patagonia
Hosted by Barack Obama, Netflix Series Explores National Parks
An image of flowers with celebrities in both corners.
Screenwriters Can Help Tackle the Climate Crisis Through Storytelling
flamingos in water
Biologist Photographer Gets Up Close to Pink Flamingos
fox on porch, "In the Limelight"
Winning Images Focus on Wildlife, Climate Change, and Empathy
Charlie Brown and Sally with dandelion
Charlie Brown and Friends Celebrate the Environment
sun inside a wave
Surfer Photographer Captures Power and Beauty of Waves
NOAA marine sanctuaries posters
Marine Sanctuaries Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Colorful Posters
polar bear mother with cubs
Famed Photographers Sell Prints for Relief in Ukraine
bike with flower mural
Photos Capture Erupting Volcanoes, Snowy Landscapes, and Quiet Moments in Nature
a grove of tall palm trees in a line silhouetted by the colorful sunset and calm ocean
10 Ways to Amp Up Your Sunset and Sunrise Photography
wild horses
Wild Horses, Polar Bears, and Volcanoes Win National Photo Awards
Eric remix of poster
Modern Take on WWII Poster Spotlights Why 'When You Drive a Car You Drive With Putin'
great white shark
Winning Photos Capture Fascinating Life Underwater
observing fox
Compelling Images of Nature Shine in Pro Photo Contest