Animal Rights

Explore key animal rights issues and find out what activists are doing to make a difference.
Vicky Bond with chickens
From Grassroots to Global, Group Works to Improve Animal Conditions
Kateryna Shcherbyna with horse
Woman Feeds Horses During War in Ukraine
Horse pulling carriage in Central Park, New York City.
It's Beyond Time to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City
Tiger cub on a leash
Senate Passes Bill to Ban Most Big Cat Ownership
Horse with eye injury in filthy stall
Horses, Goats Rescued From Mounds of Filth on Ohio Farm
Dog in crate after rescue from South Korea dog meat farm
34 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Meat Farm in South Korea
dolphins at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas
Too Many Dolphins Have Died at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas
elephant with feet chained together
Investigation Shows Elephant Mistreatment in Thailand
Dairy farm cows indoor in the shed
Dairy Farming: Environmental Impact, Ethics, and Industry Outlook
chinchillas in cages in Romania
Chinchilla Farm Investigation Prompts Call for Fur Ban in Romania
dog on chain at alleged dogfighting operation
305 Dogs Recovering After Rescue From Dogfighting Raid
Freya the walrus in Norway
Norway Kills Adored Walrus Because Humans Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone
young female lab assistant takes care about laboratory rats into plastic cages
What is the LD50 or Lethal Dose 50 Test?
spider monkey in tree
9 Stolen Monkeys Rescued and Released in the Rainforest
monkeys holding hands
Saved from Pet Trade, Baby Monkey Now Has a Buddy
dogs in a kennel at a meat farm in South Korea
21 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Meat Farm in South Korea
beagle mom and puppies
4,000 Beagles Rescued From Massive Virginia Breeding Facility
mountain lion
Petition Urges Mountain Lion Conservation in Texas
Rabbit in cosmetics testing lab
Everything You Need to Know About Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Happy the elephant in the Bronx Zoo
Happy the Elephant Is Not a Person, Court Rules
Razan Al Mubarak
IUCN President Tackles Biodiversity, Climate Change
moon bear riding a car at Vietnam resort
Undercover Investigation Targets Animal Treatment in Vietnam Circuses
flamingos at the National Zoo
25 Flamingos, 1 Duck, Killed by Wild Fox at National Zoo
wild horses in Colorado
67 Wild Horses Die of Highly Contagious Illness in Federal Care
beagle in lab for testing
Undercover Investigation Alleges Animal Suffering at Toxicology Lab
Calf in barn
Why Is Veal Considered Inhumane?
bear rescue in Kyiv
Rescued Bears Rushed to Safety From Kyiv, Ukraine
whaling in Iceland
Iceland Suggests an End to Whaling by 2024
The gray wolf or grey wolf
Wildlife Groups Challenge Idaho's Wolf-Trapping Law
Testing finished cosmetics on rabbit
Alternatives to Animal Testing in Cosmetics
rescued dog in Indonesia
53 Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Trade in Indonesia
rescued moon bear
Moon Bear Cub in Tiny Cage Is Rescued from Traffickers
killer whales perform
Expedia Stops Selling Tickets to Dolphin and Whale Shows
zebra and other taxidermy for sale
550 Hunting Trophies Found in Undercover Investigation in Iowa
an elk with a tire around its neck
Wildlife Officers Remove Tire That Was Around Elk's Neck for 2 Years
mobile rabies clinic in India
Vets Tackle Rabies in Remote Villages in India
rescued moon bear cub
Moon Bear Cub Rescued From Trafficker in Vietnam
Moon Bear Rescue Centre In Chengdu
How 101 Moon Bears Were Saved and Moved to a New Home
rabbit cosmetic testing
Mexico Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Tima the brown bear of the Gran Circo Holiday circus poses for a photo with children
Photos Stress Unsettling Relationship Between Humans and Animals
These Animal Welfare Rules Just Got Nixed
A beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.
Beluga Whale Dies at Mystic Aquarium After Controversial Transport
rescued bear
After 2 Years and 7,559 Miles, Suffering Bears Finally Reach Sanctuary
moon bear performs at a circus in Vietnam
No More Bikes and Dancing for These Circus Bears
Horses of the Onaqui Wild Horse Herd in Utah, U.S..
Katherine Heigl Joins Effort to Save Utah’s Famous Herd of Wild Horses
India relaxes at his new home at Black Beauty Ranch.
Pet Tiger Seen Roaming in Houston Is Now in a Sanctuary
Wild horses in a BLM holding facility in Utah
Some Adopted Wild Horses and Burros End Up in Slaughter
Caged breeding dogs at puppy mill in Pocahontas, Arkansas
‘Horrible Hundred’ Report Uncovers Problem Puppy Mill Breeders
Golden Retriever Puppies
New York State Could Ban Pet Stores From Selling Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits
elephants at White Oak Conservation
12 Former Circus Elephants Settle Into Refuge Home
captive lion cubs at a farm in South Africa
South Africa to Ban Lion Breeding in Captivity
Elephants In Thailand At Risk Amid The Coronavirus Pandemics
The Pandemic Has Made Things Worse for Thailand's Elephants
Deer hunter aiming with a gun
Arguments for and Against Hunting
Nara Kim, campaign manager of HSI Korea, gently comforts a dog at a former dog meat farm in Yongin, South Korea,
50 Dogs Rescued From a Former Dog Meat Farm in South Korea
Portrait of dog looking up with big eyes
Key Facts About Animal Abuse
How Many Animals Do Humans Kill Each Year?
Group of Friends Enjoying a Lunch
What Will Happen to the Animals If Everyone Goes Vegan
Animal rights activists protesting
Historical Timeline of the Animal Rights Movement
Dr Jane Goodall Visits Taronga Zoo's Chimpanzees
Do Animals Deserve Personal Pronouns?

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