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A greater honeyguide feeding on beeswax in Niassa Special Reserve Mozambique
Are Birds and Honey Badgers Teaming Up to Steal From the Bees?
Costa's hummingbird
Hummingbirds Are Sipping Booze All Day
Turtle crossing a paved road
What to Do if You See a Turtle on the Road
Plateau pika (Ochotona curzoniae)
Eradication of Small Mammals Is Harming Vital Ecosystems
wildlife of asian elephants herd in the wild
Elephants Have Lost Nearly Two-Thirds of Their Habitat Across Asia
A turtle on the beach walking toward the water
Dozens of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Released Into the Wild After Months of Rehab
Freshwater turtle basking at night
Turtles Around the World Are Basking in Moonlight
A wild sand cat kitten
Morocco’s Tiny Sand Cats Reveal Behavior Never Before Seen in Wild Cats
Honey Bee in Flight
Why Some Bees Are Endangered and What We Can Do to Help
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on flower,Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve,United States,USA
Monarch Butterflies Will Go Extinct if We Don't Take Action Now
South polar skua, Stercorarius maccormicki, resting in the snow
Entire Populations of Antarctic Birds Failed to Breed Last Year Because of Extreme Snowstorms
A cougar swimming in the water
Swimming Cougars Take to the Sea, Astonishing Researchers in the Pacific Northwest
Prothonotary Warbler Perched on Branch
Get Outside for the Great Backyard Bird Count
Indian Pangolin or Anteater (Manis crassicaudata) one of the most traffic wildlife species
Operation Pangolin: New Initiative Launched to Save World’s Most Trafficked Wild Mammal
Indoor farm of hens that lay eggs.
What's the Difference Between Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs?
A large, colorful frog holds on to a branch
Trippy New Stream Frog Named After J.R.R. Tolkien
A cockatoo using the first of two tools to reach a cashew.
Cockatoos Use and Transport Toolsets, a Behavior Thought Exclusive to Humans and Chimps
An adorable tiny mouse eating some seeds
9-Year-Old Pocket Mouse Named 'Oldest Living Mouse in Human Care'
The heart-shaped light of a firefly in close-up
These Fireflies Flirt With Heart-Shaped Lanterns
Photograph of honey bees in a hive
Here is What’s Happening to US Honey Bees
A crow on a rock
Crows Have a Human-Like Grammar Skill, Scientists Find
sand dollars at the bottom of the ocean
Sea Urchins Keep Surviving as Marine Life Deteriorates in the Florida Keys
Emperor Penguins in Antarctica
65% of Antarctica's Plants and Wildlife Will Decline by 2100, Study Finds
Vicky Bond with chickens
From Grassroots to Global, Group Works to Improve Animal Conditions
Great Bustard (Otis tarda)
World’s Heaviest Birds Might Be Self-Medicating
Firework Display At Night
Fireworks Have Long-Lasting Impact on Wild Birds
Ted Dennard at a beekeeping workshop.
Educating Kids About the Importance of Bees
Horse pulling carriage in Central Park, New York City.
It's Beyond Time to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City
Kateryna Shcherbyna with horse
Woman Feeds Horses During War in Ukraine
Close-Up Of Orb-Weaving Spider On Web
Male Spiders Fight Less When There Are More Females Around
Union Island gecko on a finger
Colorful Gecko Has an Amazing Success Story in Caribbean
chimp kissing his mother
Famed Photographers Sell Images to Benefit Conservation
Rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago
Female Monkeys Purposefully Have Fewer Friends As They Age
cat in the grass
Cats Face Threats—and Can Cause Them—When They Roam
bristle-thighed curlew
World’s Most Unusual Birds Face Highest Risk of Extinction
Samantha Zwicker with wildcat
Rescuer Saves and Rehabs Hundreds of Wild Animals in Peru
p-22 mountain lion in front of Hollywood sign
California Celebrity Mountain Lion P-22 Is Euthanized
Mantidactylus augustini frog in Madagascar
20 New Gurgling, Creaking Frog Species Named in Madagascar
Chimp Fiona shows her mother a leaf
For Chimps, This Small Gesture Is a Big Deal
Oceanic manta swimming with two remoras
Largest Manta Ray Population Discovered Off Coast of Ecuador
newborn tapir baby
Spotted, Striped Endangered Tapir Calf Born in the UK
North Atlantic right whale calf and mother
Season's First North Atlantic Right Whale Calf Spotted in Georgia
lion cub tumbling out of tree
Winking, Waving, Tumbling Animals Win Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
Tiger cub on a leash
Senate Passes Bill to Ban Most Big Cat Ownership
Rescued Kemp's ridley sea turtle
Dozens of Rescued Sea Turtles Flown to Rehab Centers
Bird Perching On A Tree
Bird-Watchers Needed for Annual Audubon Bird Count
Jonathan tortoise and birthday cake
Jonathan the Tortoise Celebrates 190th Birthday
golden eagle released in Arizona
After Months of Rehab, Golden Eagle Soars Free
nuzzling red foxes
Nuzzling Foxes and Huddling Monkeys Vie for Photo Award
scarlet macaw and red-rumped parrot
Colorful Photographic Compilations Are Homages to Birds
Ocelot roams brush in South Texas
Filming the Elusive Ocelot in South Texas
Horse with eye injury in filthy stall
Horses, Goats Rescued From Mounds of Filth on Ohio Farm
hummingbird with rainbow on wings
Photographer Celebrates Birds and Their Rainbow Wings
honeybee on purple flower
Honeybees Live Shorter Lives Than They Did 50 Years Ago
zebrafish swimming
Fish Look Down When They Swim, Study Finds
acorn woodpecker in a tree
Quirky, Hoarding Woodpeckers Star in Documentary
Cluster of bees in Tampa
Tankers of Sugar Syrup and Pollen Aided 1.7 Billion Bees Affected by Hurricane Ian
black bear in the woods
Controversial Bear Hunting Returns to New Jersey
Golden skiffia before release
Extinct in the Wild, Fish Return to Habitat in Mexico