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A green smoothie with spirulina, cocoa, and blueberries
Algae Could Supply Sustainable Protein to a Changing World
John Deere dealership
Farmers Can Now Repair Their Own John Deere Tractors
Cattle under oak tree on misty morning
What Is Silvopasture? Key Principles
mealworms and flour
World’s Largest Insect Farm to Open in France
Dairy farm cows indoor in the shed
Dairy Farming: Environmental Impact, Ethics, and Industry Outlook
12 Famous Horses From History
Chicken in battery cage under bad condition
Factory Farming Is More Destructive Than Ever
peaches ripening on a branch
Climate Change Is Forcing Georgia Peach Farmers to Explore New Varieties
heep grazing mustard plants at a solar farm in the Netherlands
Agrivoltaics: Where Solar Energy Meets Agriculture
Aquaponics system
20 Best Plants for Aquaponics
Dairy Cow
Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed: Which Is Better for Cows?
Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream
Ben & Jerry's Puts Cows on a Special Diet to Curb Methane Emissions
Farmer spreading fertilizer on crops
Skyrocketing Fertilizer Prices May Help the Environment
white bowl of cut figs
Are There Really Dead Wasps in Your Figs?
Lactarius indigo (Schwein.) Fr. observed in Mexico.
Growing Trees and Mushrooms Together Could Merge Afforestation Efforts With Food Production
Irrigated cotton field
Furrow Irrigation: How It Works and 4 Ways to Improve This Technique
Examples of Terrace Farming Around the World
Stumps on the valley caused by deforestation and slash-and-burn agriculture of Madagascar.
Slash-and-Burn Agriculture: Can It Be Sustainable Again?
Wheelbarrow full of manure
What Is Manure? Why Is It Such an Environmentally Valuable Material?
Cannabis greenhouses nestle between green crops in the rolling hills of Santa Barbara County, California
What Is Plasticulture, and Is It Sustainable? Overview and Agricultural Impact
Ewa and Bengt
Swedish Mindset Meets Italian History at This Winery in Tuscany
Irrigated California farm field contrasts with dry desert
This Innovative Company Helps Tackle Wildfires and Drought in California
Machinery used to install plastic drainage tile at work in a fallow farm field.
How Does Tile Drainage Work? Crop Benefits and Environmental Impacts
Seedlings, greens, herbs grown in aquaponics system
What Is Aquaponics?
cows grazing in smoky weather
Cows Produce Less Milk When They're Breathing Wildfire Smoke
tractor pushing fresh wheat
UN Report: Farm Subsidies Are Causing More Harm Than Good
cattle feedlot from above
Animal Agriculture Is a Major Source of Air Pollution
Yard Stick at work
Can the Soil Really Save Us? This Company Intends to Find Out
sorting cocoa beans
Q&A With Beyond Good—Chocolate That Halts Deforestation, Improves Farmers' Lives
Eating Insects: Vegans, Vegetarians Weigh In
bee on a wildflower
Bees Are Being Killed in Greater Numbers by Pesticide Cocktails
Growing rice in an aeroponics system
What Is Aeroponics?
Rows of combines harvest soybeans at a farm in Mato Grosso, Brazil with green fields on the periphery.
Green Revolution: History, Technologies, and Impact
Hydroponic System Flow Water Automation
What Is Hydroponics?
Unending rows of soy crops in a field in Brazil.
What Is Monocropping and Why Is It Bad for the Environment?
A Cow's Incredible Bid for Freedom Ends in Tragedy
A woman in the hills with sheep.
Spain Starts a School for Shepherdesses
Disnovation vertical farm
Are Vertical Farms Still a Thing?
Soybean fields
Rich Countries' Hunger for Imported Food Is Driving Global Biodiversity Loss
Irish Calves
What is the Carbon Footprint of a Flying Cow?
Cow grazing on grass on a sunny day
Cutting Out Beef Could Cut Agricultural Land Use In Half
Tyrone Hayes on the Misfortune of Frogs, Crooked Science and Why We Should Shun GMOs
Illegal Pot Farms Are Endangering Spotted Owls
Beyond Organic: Carbon Farming Is a Pathway to Climate Stabilization and Resilient Soils
Asmund Asdal unloads seed inside the vault.
Global Seed Vault Opens for First Deposits of the Year
Pea leaves
What Is Regenerative Agriculture?
palm oil harvest
5 Consumer Products Linked to Illegal Rainforest Destruction
woman with horse
Tuition-Free Farming Program Is Inspired by Wendell Berry
sugar beet fields in Cambridgeshire, England
Banned Pesticide that Kills Bees is Allowed Again in the UK
Buckets of palm oil at an outdoor market
25 Sneaky Names for Palm Oil
Agricultural worker working in a greenhouse
5 Ways to Improve Global Food Security
banana processing plant
Bananas Are Fighting a Pandemic of Their Own
pink pig peers through white fence
Piglet Escapes by Leaping From Slaughterhouse Truck, Finds Rescue at Animal Sanctuary
Bumblebee on Black Raspberry Flowers
How Farms Can Share Wild Bees
avocado oil
New Organic Certification Will Help Shoppers Choose Sustainable Products
Crowded pigs looking out bars
Desperate Farmers Are Selling Pigs on Craigslist
Cars in line on rural highway waiting to purchase milk from dairy
Dairy Farm Bottles Milk Instead of Dumping It
Europe's Olive Trees Face a Pandemic of Their Own
Horses Express Emotion Through Sound

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